FUZE 2019: meet the boys



Miranda Smith interviews the male models walking for this years show.

With FUZE 2019 just around the corner, I imagine the singers are warming their vocal chords; the dancers are stretching in the wings. I’m not sure what the models have to do to warm themselves up for the event other than continue to be pretty and answer the following five questions.

  1. When you are going on a first date or to a nice restaurant, what is one style rule you always live by?

  2. What is your favourite brand and why?

  3. How did you get into modelling for Fuze?

  4. Give me one tip for reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean

  5. If you could fix any single part of the environment what would it be?

Ben Love, 4th year Vet Medicine


  1. I usually keep my style quite simple and don’t own that many statement items, but I do have a ¾ length wool coat which I’ve had for ages and like to throw on to smarten up the usual baggy tee and jeans/chinos. Might even treat myself to some clean boxers

  2. Carhartt or, since I’m so skint at the moment, Uniqlo. Both are decent for good quality, oversized basics that will last

  3. I’m not at uni for much longer so wanted to be involved with a few more extracurricular activities this year, especially those which are supporting charities. I went to the show last year and was really impressed by the scale of the production and it was evident how much work had gone into putting it on. I’m friends with Tom the Fashion Director so heard about it auditions through him.

  4. Buying better quality clothing made of natural materials such as cotton or wool rather than synthetic materials that shed small plastic fibres each time they’re washed. I’m a huge advocate of not washing your clothing too frequently, it’s for the environment…

  5. I'd ban purposeful fishing/killing of sharks for shark fin soup and promote education to change the public’s negative perception of these apex predators in an effort to help fix the decline in numbers and, in turn, benefit the health of the ocean’s ecosystems. Check out @oceanramsay or @juansharks on Instagram

Daniel Visser, 2nd year Physics


  1. Always remember: pants first, trouser second

  2. Hollister for sure. I just really like that Cali beach vibe

  3. Begged and pleaded Phoebe Campbell

  4. Keep a spork on you at all times – no more wasting plastic cutlery when eating out.

  5. More trees please

Sam Howard-Sneyd, 1st year Theatre and Performance


  1. I don’t have a rule as such, it all depends on the person, place and mood; but a lil dangly earring never hurt

  2. Not a huuuuuge fan of brands but a little company called EVERPRESS do an amazing weekly selection of t-shirts designed by artists to keep your eye on.

  3. Hanging out with Phoebe Campbell too much to be honest

  4. Lighters. Refilling lighters or using a zippo means you don’t constantly buy (and lose) new lighters that will just end up in the ocean

  5. Keep the untamed places untamed, we don’t need every inch of this planet to be ours

Alex Robson, 3rd year Biology


  1. I always try to maintain a ratio of 3:1 (or thereabouts) between the length of hair on top of my head to the length of hair on the sides; otherwise my hair looks weird.

  2. I rarely buy clothes based solely on what brand they are, not without feeling like im being hoodwinked in some way. If I had to pick a brand that I like but don’t wear, it would be Golf by Tyler the Creator, because he isn’t scared of using bright colours.

  3. I had promised the directors of fashion that my brother, who is far more model-resembling than I am (his cheekbones are visible), would audition, but he couldn’t make it. I stepped in and wowed them with my super sexy walk and got the job in his place. He is now as salty as an anchovy chilling in an olive brine jacuzzi.

  4. Never eat cheese strings! They use so much plastic to wrap the damn thing that after a particularly heavy binge I sent an email of complaint to Cheesestring HQ. Never did get a reply…

  5. Can’t really pick one part of the environment without leaving a load of stuff out. People are the problem, so I guess I would fix them.

Dylan Sutcliffe, 3rd year Theatre and Performance


  1. Always dress like a waiter, this makes running out on the bill so much easier

  2. My favourite brand is Lambrini as they are the official sponsor for all my decision making.

  3. It was day three of having bacterial tonsillitis when in a haze of ibuprofen and penicillin I thought ‘how hard can walking and looking good be?’ So, it was in the Ansom Rooms when fairy godparents Tom and Phoebe saw me stomp up and down whilst serving face and they said, ‘let it be known… a star is born.’ cue ‘The Shallow’ by Lady Gaga

  4. I would say you’re trash if you leave rubbish at you indie harbourside picnics and beach days dear readers as that stuff won’t biodegrade and will continue to pollute ocean life so just be more considerate and get better. But if you’re a brilliant person dear reader then always make sure to do a 5-minute beach clean when visiting our beautiful coast! Pick up as much plastic in five minutes and pop it in the bin, then you can sunbathe, frolic and surf with a great feeling of helping Mother Nature.

  5. I would like to see all damaged parts of the environment fixed so I would have to say I'd fix people’s attitudes to the crisis at hand.

Steve Dickson-Tetteh, 2nd Year French


  1. The most important thing for me in terms of my style is just maintain a level of respect and be myself. Seems to have worked so far😉

  2. Nike, purely because of the consistent quality of their products as well as its dominant presence in the streetwear community.

  3. I was working at the rugby stall during the freshers fair and got scouted

  4. I reckon further increasing the price of plastic bags in supermarkets will continue to deter people from buying them

  5. I would try and fix the amount of waste in the oceans primarily

Ned Costello, 3rd year Politics and International Relations


  1. Always wear a nice pair of boots (and a turtle neck on occasion)

  2. Probably Nike (sounds cliché). It’s the only brand I wore when I was 2 and still wear now I’m 22.

  3. I begged Phoebe, because it looked so much fun last year. She first declined but then realised not enough boys auditioned. You may call me the bottom of the barrel when it comes to it😝

  4. Be extra aware with everything you buy, and disciplined with recycling. I’m always guilty of being bad with it

  5. An international agreement to end fossil fuel production asappp!

Joshua Wellington, 3rd year Medicine


  1. Black jeans and a bright shirt – can’t go wrong

  2. Crown Joules – comfort is king

  3. A mate from halls told me to audition, I’ve been doing it ever since

4.Definitely the beaches.

Jack Robinson, 1st year Engineering Mathematics


  1. If I have the time, finding my super suit

  2. Huel – entirely vegan and sustainable, they also make sturdy t-shirts

  3. I emailed Tom and Phoebe with shots from my previous work with Jack n Jones, Foot Asylum and the late Blue Inc insisting that if they wanted any success with this ‘Fuze’ thing that they should probably use a professional

  4. Abstinence

  5. The lack of lakes I can write poetry by

Featured Image: Instagram, Phoebe Taylor, Tom King, & Pacho Nieto with input from Phoebe Campbell and Tom Owen

FUZE want to say a huge thank you to TINDER for sponsoring the show this year in order to bring their work to life for the students at Bristol University