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Following the circus soirée of fashion, dance, and music that hit last year's stage at The Passenger Shed, FUZE is set to return next weekend at Bristol Grammar School. Having raised in excess of £130,000 for charities since its inception in 2003, this year co-creative directors Phoebe Taylor and Matt Boyle 'expore the earth's beauty' for environmental organisation City to Sea. Let's meet the team and grab a ticket whilst they are still available!

Co-Creative Director Phoebe on her creative input and the decision of charity City to Sea

'It was really important for me to choose a charity and a theme that communicated our identity and values as a committee, so we could really put our own stamp on FUZE 2019. City to Sea was a really natural fit for us as they tackle environmental issues within the Bristol community, helping us see tangible change in our locality. One of the things I was really keen to ensure was that the theme we chose not only reflected our charity and ethos, but was also apparent in the marketing and design of the actual show. Eden lends itself to many interpretations, making the creative process exciting and the results extremely rewarding.

What makes FUZE so special as an organization is the fact that it straddles so many creative disciplines, allowing you to work collaboratively with creatives you wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet. In my opinion, this is one of the most exciting multidisciplinary projects run by students in the country, and the show really emphasises the links between fashion, music and dance in the hope of making a real statement about our charity and our ethos as a committee. On a personal level, I was really keen to not only create a designated team to communicate with the charity, but also to attach an art exhibition to the show. My Art Director Tom King has collated a show attempting to “Sell Me the World”, which aims to start a conversation about consumerism in light of the messages of the show. A must see!

I, and the rest of the team, would also like to say a huge you to TINDER for sponsoring the show this year in order to bring their work to life for the students at Bristol University.'

Fashion Directors Tom Owen and Phoebe Campbell who have stormed the runways at past FUZE shows, share their performative vision for Eden

'Our vision for FUZE 2019 differs from previous years as we are focusing on the theatrical and performative aspects of fashion.
We aim to infuse our walks with drama by putting a large emphasis on personality and individuality, showcasing our models as much as our designers. In this sense be prepared for the some of the sassiest struts you’ve ever seen.

Image collations on Instagram: Phoebe Taylor, Tom King, & Pacho Nieto

This year’s theme, EDEN, is centred on the concept of saving our planet and returning it to a blissful, paradisiacal garden. With this in mind it was of paramount importance for us to source as many sustainable products as possible, to show just how fashionable being an eco-warrior can be. This has seen us incorporate garments made by the likes of Dr Linda Thomas, whose work is made from ocean waste products collected on beach cleans and sustainably-sourced silk. To ensure this theme is carried throughout every aspect of our fashion we are using eco-friendly makeup and hair products, as well as showcasing local Bristol artists and designers, and moving away from the mass produced market by contributing to clothes swaps.

There are such easy steps people can make to improve our environment when it comes to fashion and it is so important for us to lead by example.'

Music Director Will and his tune for FUZE

'Last year I performed at FUZE as a singer and it was easily one of the most incredible shows I have ever been involved in across all performance areas. As soon as I was able to apply to be Music Director, I jumped at the opportunity. I wanted to bring something new to the table for this year’s show, such as the inclusion of rap and dance music so as to really utilize the varied talents and styles within the music scene here in Bristol.'

And finally Dance Directors Stephen Downey and Freya Harrison give us a peep into the structure of dance in the show...

'Our aim as Dance Directors is to show progression through the dances from the creation of a beautiful natural world which then becomes polluted and destroyed by humans, communicating to the audience the importance of human impact on the environment.

The show is split into two acts, the first is about innocence and beauty, and this contains numbers that are elegant and all about the natural world. From the story of Adam and Eve, to a picturesque garden of statues and a jazz number about birds of paradise. Throughout the second act, the audience will see the progression of destruction of the environment, starting with a subway themed piece that shows isolation and modern day life whilst showcasing the beauty in the everyday. Following on from that is a tap piece about water pollution, which directly links to the charity we are supporting this year, City to Sea. This is an emotional piece which looks at the environmental consequences of unsustainable living. We then also have a contemporary piece about sins and forgiveness, showing the ugly side of human nature.

We really hope that our choreography tells the story of our world and highlights to the audience the importance of their decisions to recycle and take care of our planet, attempting to restore it to its former glory.'

Keep your eyes peeled for the introductory interviews with the models coming from Epigram Style very soon!

Featured Image: Phoebe Taylor, Tom King, & Pacho Nieto with input from Phoebe Campbell and Tom Owen


Hannah Worthington

Online Editor 2018/19 | Online Style Editor 2017/18 Undergraduate English and Theatre Student