Bristol bucket list


By Imogen Rogers, Deputy Living Editor

A sentimental third-year reflects on her time spent at Bristol and challenges herself to complete these six things before graduation!

Complete the Ten before Ten

The Cori Tap pub is a must-visit for every Bristol student, and as many know the 10 before 10 challenge involves drinking 10 half-pints of their own brewed Exhibition cider before 10pm. What I would do to complete this challenge and get the “I’ve been Corried” badge, but alas I know (as do my housemates – sorry girls) what I’m like after only a few drinks, let alone ten, so this may have to stay a pipe dream for me.

Run in Leigh Woods

One of my resolutions this year was to run a 10K, but for this to become a reality I really need to stop running on dreadfully boring treadmills and get out into the open air. Now that the weather is picking up I may finally have my chance, and it will also give me a chance to finally put a photo of the suspension bridge on my Instagram, otherwise do I even go to Bristol?

Epigram / Imogen Rogers

Go on a Banksy graffiti tour

Whenever I am talking about Bristol to friends back home, I am almost guaranteed to drop Banksy’s name in the mix (not that my Dad knows who he is) yet I’ve not actually seen that many of his works. You can download the Banksy Bristol Trail App on Apple and Android, and because I am now trying to save every penny to fund my impending Masters degree this is a great way to enjoy Bristol without spending anything.

Visit Blaise Castle

As a History student and National Trust employee I am a shameless lover of heritage sites, and so both Blaise Castle and the Red Lodge Museum are on my bucket list. I accidentally arrived at Blaise Castle when I got on the wrong bus after donating blood in Southmead but that experience lasted no longer than 30 seconds so I would love to go back and properly explore. Despite the short bus ride it is free admission!

Spend a day in Clifton Village

I am a sucker for pretty buildings, but sadly have never lived in the Clifton area during my time in Bristol, so the most I’ve done is visit the zoo. Really, all I want to do is walk around this elegant village, take some photos and get a coffee – to be honest it sounds like the perfect dissertation procrastination!

Epigram / Imogen Rogers

Win a pub quiz

Ever since first-year my group of friends and I have tried countless pub quizzes in and out of the university, but sadly have never even come close to winning. This year we’ve been attending the Green Man pub quiz in High Kingsdown, and one week we did so badly (21/80) that we received a pitiful and lengthy round of applause which masked quite a lot of laughter. Nevertheless I am not giving up hope. I have a few remaining months to brush up on my knowledge and win, although this could be to the detriment of my degree…

Featured image: Flickr / Alastair Campbell

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Imogen Rogers

Third Year History Student