Avoid the topping cliches this Pancake Day!


By Georgiana Scott, First year Psychology student

The University of Bristol, known as a beacon for the ‘edgy and alternative’ has a certain reputation to uphold when It comes to influencing the latest trends and fads. Our nonconformist approach to student life doesn’t just stop with our clothing and attitude, but we’re the millennials leading from the front when it comes to the creation of culinary trends.

This Pancake Day we challenge you to uphold our innovatory prestige by switching up your topping clichés and experimenting with the following alternatives to add an imaginative twist to your pancake day stacks.

1. Baileys

Yes, this wholehearted, warming liquor we all know as ‘Baileys’ is not one to shy away from this pancake day. Rather than adding the basic Sainsbury’s or Tescos double cream, a splash or two of Baileys will not only start your day off with a bit of a kick, but its delicate blend of Irish whiskey and fresh dairy cream will revivify your tastebuds.

Allow this luxuriously smooth topping to soak into your fluffy pancakes giving them a velvety texture while its hints of vanilla and cocoa provide an irresistible sweetness. Let’s face it, alcohol at breakfast is no stranger to UoB students, so why not indulge in this sumptuous combination this Shrove Tuesday?

Tip: For the authentic boozy pancake experience substitute some milk for Baileys in your batter and add Nutella for a truly premium mix!

If you’re on a tight budget (like most of us are), and an at least £11 pancake topping doesn’t really appeal to you then this next one is for you.

2. Peanut Butter Jelly

Utilise the ingredients you already have lying around the apartment to create this American inspired (& more affordable) pancake masterpiece!

Conventionally used as a sandwich filler, the fruity sweetness of the jam contrasting with the beloved saltiness of peanut butter yields a flavoursome plate of absolute satisfaction.

The elegant amalgamation of the two spreads is perhaps one of Americas greatest creations, and should not be easily dismissed as a go-to topping. Two hefty dollops of the classic spreads will be enough to elevate your buttery pancakes to the next level!

Tip: Use a crunchy peanut butter give your pancakes that extra texture!

For those looking for some more healthy alternatives out there, keep reading!

3. Stewed Apple and Cinnamon

Fruit on pancakes is perhaps not considered an ‘alternative’ topping, but simply adding a bit of spice will give you a unique fusion of flavours.

With this seasonal composition of apple and cinnamon get ready to be transported back to Bristol autumnal scenes, as the cinnamon slowly caramelises the stewed apples its delectable aroma will diffuse through your apartment. The warm delicately spiced apples cascading over your pancakes is a match made in heaven and it will charmingly fulfil your pancake needs like no other topping.

We guarantee it will be worth that extra effort and it’s also a great option for you veggies and vegans. And let us remember, although it makes very few appearances in our diet cinnamon has some serious health benefits with its many medicinal properties and is certainly a healthy alternative to sugar.

Tip: Add a drizzle of maple syrup for additional sweetness.

4. Cheese and Bacon

Thinking that pancake toppings have to be sweet is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions of our modern world. The often forgotten about, pushed aside and laughed at savoury pancake is not to be disregarded this Tuesday.

We encourage you to open your mind and tastebuds to an endless wealth of savoury fillings, for example, this palatable combination of bacon and cheese is straightforward and simple but will transform your pancake stack into a sophisticated, worthy plate of brilliance.

Allow the sweetness of your pancakes to compliment the subtle salty bacon, as the familiar warmth of melted cheese brings the dish harmoniously together. What better way to start your Shrove Tuesday than with bacon and cheese?!

Tip: Make bacon extra crispy and don’t be afraid to add maple syrup!

5. Get Fishy!

If you happen to be cooking fish for your Tuesday evening meal, seafood pancakes can definitely be an inventive way to say you’ve participated in this grand tradition with style.

While any fish will do, we highly recommend salmon as your choice, hot or cold it acts as a rich but light topping and can be delicately paired with anything from cream cheese to pesto. Serve this flavoursome dish to your flatmates at dinnertime and watch their impressed faces as they indulge in your alternative pancake creation.

Tip: A squirt of lemon for a more zesty plate

Now that you are drooling with excitement for this year’s Pancake Day, eagerly ready with your alternative toppings, It is to be remembered that clichés are clichés for a reason. There’s no denying that the classic combination of Nutella and strawberries isn’t sublime, but let your pancakes be a canvas for your imagination and the topping possibilities are endless! Remember to tag us in any of your artistic pancake creations (@epigram_food).

Happy flipping everyone!

Featured image: Epigram Food/Nicole Abou-abdallah

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