Living in an all-girls house


By Daisy Farrow, Second Year English

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, here’s a list of things you’d recognise if you live in an all-girls house. From the amount of time it takes you all to get ready for a night out, to the amount of wine you consume weekly, see if you recognise any of these things in your house!

1. Makeup and clothing is shared

William Shakespeare said “what’s mine is yours”, and that is certainly true when it comes to your clothing and makeup when you’re living in an all-girls house. Your new misguided top? Mine. Your James Charles Morphe Pallet? Also mine. Both a blessing and a curse: it’s like having a huge wardrobe with more cute crop tops and trendy trainers than you could ever imagine, but it’s also very common to find items of your wardrobe missing- only to discover them on the floor of your flatmate’s bedroom after their date last night.

Epigram / Daisy Farrow

2. Showers take an average of 40 minutes

Wash. Rinse. Exfoliate. Moisturise. Condition. Shave (everywhere). Pluck. Trim. Showers in a house with all girls will take a minimum of 40 minutes, which only feels longer when you have just ONE shower in your house. You have to practically schedule them in, letting everyone else at home know by sending a ‘getting in the shower now… full body one so gonna be a while’ text in the group chat. Don’t even get me started on the drains situation… Hair = everywhere

3. Tinder? You betcha

Not to exaggerate, but sometimes it feels like your house has a revolving door of tinder guys. Someone is always getting ready for a date; asking someone to borrow a lippie or quickly adding a last-minute spritz of perfume. That or they are just coming back from a date; sending that text into the group chat to let you know that they’re not coming home alone. Your flatmates become pros at helping you craft the perfect flirty message, or take the best pic for your tinder profile. Nothing says ‘friendship’ like your flatmates helping you out with a last minute leg-shave ready for your date.

Epigram / Daisy Farrow

4. Arguments WILL happen, and they’ll be passive

It’s been three weeks since one of your flatmates has returned your new skirt. Perhaps someone lost your favourite lipstick the last time they went out. Or maybe one of them even dared to drink the bottle of rosé you had sitting on your fridge shelf. Whatever the cause, there is always going to be an argument which will result in snide remarks and secret bitching, but never a heated confrontation. You wouldn’t dare actually talk to them about it, would you? No. You just hold in your anger, and let it boil until one day you make a not-so-subtle joke about the time someone smashed your wine glasses.

5. Boundaries don’t exist

You become so close you no longer have any boundaries. You’ll happily brush your teeth whilst your flatmate is on the toilet, or walk around in your towel after a shower for hours on end. From borrowing each other’s underwear to a cheeky slap on the bum, you really don’t have any limits with each other when it comes to living in a house with all girls.

Epigram / Daisy Farrow

6. Your house will be crazy tidy

You’ll have throws hanging over the sofas, a vase of flowers on your dining table, bunting hanging from every possible nook and cranny. (Lets not forget the fairy lights) When people come over to visit, you’ll always hear the ‘wow this place looks amazing’ or ‘I love the smell of that candle’. Your living room will look like a Cath Kidston showroom, and you won’t find a speck of dust anywhere.

7. BUT There Will be Hair Everywhere

Seriously. Everywhere. You have to vacuum every day to get rid of it.

8. Cosy nights are every night

Dressing gowns? Check. Chocolate? Check. Latest reality TV show (for my house it’s currently Celebs Go Dating, but we can’t wait for Love Island to come back)? Check. As soon as eight o’clock hits, you all gather in the living room to settle down for a few hours with a glass of cheap wine and watch some TV. There is nothing better than relaxing with your flatmates and having a cosy night in after a long day of avoiding writing your essay.

Epigram / Daisy Farrow

9. You’ll become family

It’s cheesy, but true. Living in an all-girl’s house is an experience like no other. Despite the arguments, the casual bitching, and the crazy amount of toilet paper you go through, you love it. Your flatmates become your best friends, and are able to help you out with almost anything from borrowing a mascara to comforting you after a failed assignment. You wouldn’t change it for the world.

Featured image: Epigram / Daisy Farrow

How do you find your housemates? Let us know!

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