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By Laila Freeman, Epigram Food editor

Food Editor Laila Freeman reviews her trip to Koocha Mezzo Bar - the perfect place for a vegan mezze.

This year, my friends and I have been trying to eat out in as many different restaurants and cafes as we can before we leave Bristol at the end of this summer. Last term we sampled many different cuisines, but one thing that repeatedly got suggested that we did not end up trying was a mezze. With two people in my house not eating meat, it seemed like it would be too inaccessible to a vegetarian diet.

It turns out that I was wrong. A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I visited Koocha Mezze Bar, a bustling restaurant located on Zetland Road, where I had one of the biggest and most tasty feasts of a meal I have ever had.

Koocha Mezze Bar is an entirely vegan restaurant, but that certainly does not mean that the variety of available options were compromised from your typical meat heavy mezze.

The very friendly waitress recommended ordering four plates to share between the two of us and everything was truly delicious. We ordered the ‘eggless kookoo’, ‘spiced cauliflower’, ‘koopa’ and the beetroot dip. Although I couldn’t tell you what half the names on the menu meant, I would not have to hesitate to tell you that they were all lovely and uniquely flavoured.

Image: Epigram Food/ Laila Freeman

As someone who often struggles to eat out due to being both vegetarian and gluten intolerant, I was delighted to find a big range of gluten free dishes too. In addition to the mezze, we also ordered the dirty fries to share, which were absolutely laden with toppings, including a lovely vegan cheese. Cheese is something which I often think does not work well in vegan form, but this was not the case here.

Besides the food, the restaurant itself was equally lovely, adorned with hanging fairy lights, and the crockery was just perfect to complete that oh so essential Instagram snap.

Image: Epigram Food/ Laila Freeman

I definitely recommend visiting Koocha Mezzo Bar, whether you are vegan, vegetarian or meat eating. However, make sure that you book because the restaurant was packed when we arrived and had we not had a reservation we probably would not have got a table!

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Featured image: Epigram Food/ Laila Freeman


Laila Freeman

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