An unofficial hierarchy of biscuits


By Nicole Abou-abdallah, Epigram Food online editor

Biscuits are great. They make excellent companions for a warm cuppa on a rainy day, or a table-sharer after some dinner. However you may consume these wonderful crunchy creations, I think that we call all agree that biscuits occupy a very large place in our hearts. What we may all disagree on, however, is which is the 'go-to' dunker with your warm beverage. Here's my opinion on the rankings of day-to-day biscuits.

Standard tier:

This is your average, standard, (in my opinion) boring tier. No more average than getting to the bus stop and realising that there is a 5 minute wait. They are not disappointing but not thrilling.

Poor tier: Rich tea, digestive (both chocolate and standard), wagon wheels, pink wafer, bourbon, and custard cream.

Good tier:

This is a step up from anything you'd expect to find in the Tesco's basics section. This tier introduces a sense of excitement, but not necessarily elite.

Good tier: Jammy dodgers, Oreo, party rings, Lotus Biscoff, chocolate chip cookies, ginger nut, malted milk, and jaffa cakes (if you count it as a biscuit).

Elite tier:

This is your gold-standard of biscuits. This is what you expect to receive at Buckingham Palace. This is the best thing since sliced bread.

Elite tier: Fox's chocolatey shortcake rounds/squares, Choco Liebniz, and Chocolate fingers.

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Featured image: Flickr/ Radioink/ Biscuits