Best of Bristol Lectures


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The Best of Bristol (BoB) lecture series is back! This year the series will take place from Monday 4 March to Tuesday 26 March.

BoB is an annual lecture series which showcases the best of the University of Bristol’s lecturers. It’s a student-led initiative where the lecturers and lecture topics are nominated by students. This time round there were over 400 nominations received which have now been shortlisted into a programme of 10 lectures.

The series aims to:

• Inspire students to take an interest in subjects outside of their main discipline

• Give students a taster of the wide range of disciplines taught at the University

• Celebrate the excellent teaching at the University

• Celebrate the University’s vibrant learning community

So what can you look forward to this time round?

The Best of Bristol lecture series offers a range of different lunchtime and evening lectures offering the opportunity to get stuck into something a little different to your usual subject.

This year’s series includes titles such as “Can Mathematics Improve Your Baking?” and “What is a Sustainable Future?”.

David Bernhard, Teaching Fellow in Computer Science will foray into Defence Against the Dark Arts with a focus on online security. He promises to “look at some examples and try not to despair.” Dr Mark Schenk, Lecturer in the Department of Aerospace Engineering will also deliver an intriguingly titled talk: “Folding the Future: How Origami is Transforming Engineering”. He’ll go into the details of how origami is transforming science and engineering, as well as looking at some of the underlying principles of origami.
All of the lectures are free and open to all students. You can sign up online to book your place.

Featured Image: Bristol SU