Blue Mountain Club is saved...for now


By Laura Reid, University Management Correspondent*

After three weeks of closing down parties, Blue Mountain has announced they will remain a club after February.

The Blue Mountain will remain open after talks with their new owners ended successfully.

The past few weeks have seen the club putting on several packed nights, many of which sold out, including three closing down parties.

While it may seem that the nights have paid off and that the Stokes Croft venue is no longer under threat, the manager has revealed that its salvation will only last until June.

After 26 years, the nightclub was threatened with redevelopment last year to make way for new housing. Given the timescale of the redevelopment and that it is not currently ready to start, an agreement with the new owners for an extension has been given to the club.

Blue Mountain is expected to remain open now only until the end of the year, but perhaps even earlier around June.

Featured Image : James Cleaver / Epigram

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