Valentine's Day strike planned for Bristol's Deliveroo drivers


By Cameron Scheijde, co-Editor-in-Chief

Bristol's drivers for food delivery service Deliveroo are planning another strike over pay. The last strike caused over three quarters of Bristol's restaurants on Deliveroo to stop deliveries, despite the company offering a temporary pay increase for those who didn't strike.

The strike is planned for just one hour to 'minimise the effect on drivers' pay', and they will congregate on College Green to make their voices heard.

The demands of the drivers include a £5 minimum per delivery, paid waiting time of £10 per hour and a recruitment freeze on new riders - as well are no repurcussions for the strike.

Owen, a Bristol Deliveroo courier, said:

'What started as a set rate of pay per job has turned into a system where Deliveroo seem to be bidding down riders pay to the lowest possible amount per delivery. Combine this with new charges and service fees for customers, and it's not just the riders who are having their limits tested.

'Riders are sick of being forced to work longer distances for less money. We’ve had repeated strikes in Bristol now and every time we’ve increased our numbers. Every time we’ve seen Deliveroo looking more and more rattled, attempting to break strikes with temporary pay boosts. At the last strike they even hired private security to block restaurants and follow protesters. This is a multi-billion company that doubled its revenue last year – all we ask is that they pay us fairly.'

Those hoping for a Valentines night in may have to re-evaluate and get a pizza from Tesco instead.

Featured image: Thomas Katan


Cameron Scheijde

Former Editor | Co-Editor-in-Chief 2018-19 | Online Comment Editor, 2017-18