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By Bethany Marris, Online Music Editor

'No matter how keen you are, as a budgeting student, scrapping the cost of tickets can be an easy way to save', Bethany Marris explores the best spots in Bristol to catch live music at no cost.

As we well know, Bristol is blessed with one of the most exuberant music scenes in the country. With a plethora of talent and venues, no matter what day of the week, you’ll never be short of choice. That said, regularly accessing live music can become costly, and no matter how keen you are, as a budgeting student, scrapping the cost of tickets can be an easy way to save.

However, there is a number of locations that host entry-fee-free shows with wonderful up-and-coming acts, and taking advantage of these is a fantastic way to ease the compromise. Furthermore, venues such as Nelson Street’s Rough Trade often put on events that provide a little more ‘bang for your buck’, offering entry with LP or merchandise purchase.

Venues to keep an eye on:

The Gallimaufry

Best described as a hub of creativity, The Gallimaufry provides a platform for a wealth of artists, both musical and fine. Open mic Mondays, ‘Galli Live’ Tuesdays, Jazz filled Wednesdays, Hip-Hop infused Thursdays and much more; there’s something for everyone at this dynamic venue.

Rough Trade

In the heart of the city, boasting a multi-hyphen title of record store, book shop, cafe, and venue, Rough Trade plays host to some of music's most exciting faces. Zero entry fee is quite rare, although the venue regularly puts on events and meetups that require only the purchase of a single product.


The Canteen

With a different act playing for free every night, The Canteen is one of Bristol’s most loved music venues. Most genres are regularly represented, and the venue often host Jazz and Blues sessions featuring local artists. The excellent food serevd here is certainly a bonus too.

The Blue Lagoon

Situated on the vibrant Gloucester Road, The Blue Lagoon is famous for its hearty combination of good food, good drinks and excellent music. Free music is on offer multiple nights of the week, or, if you’re a keen musician yourself, Tuesday’s regular open mic night is a fantastic way to kickstart your ascendance onto the Bristol scene.

The Old Duke

Located on the quaint, cobbled King Street, and named after big-band hero Duke Ellington, The Old Duke is one of Bristol’s most famous music hubs. An uber-relaxed atmosphere and cost-free, non-stop Jazz and Blues make for a wonderful, date, night out or even simply a post-work pint.

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Featured Image: Bethany Marris/ Epigram

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