Bristol issued with severe warning for heavy snow tonight


By Cameron Scheijde, co-Editor-in-Chief

The Met Office has issued an amber weather alert for heavy snow for the South West of England tonight.

The warning states 'heavy snow likely on Thursday afternoon and evening'.

Transport could be heavily effected as roads become icy and rail links are cut off. Last year, heavy snow from 'The Beast From the East' closed the University for two days. However, it of course remains to be seen whether the forecast will be accurate.

The warning. Credit: Met Office

Temperatures across the country are plunging today, with lows of -13 centigrade being felt in Scotland. In Bristol, however, this morning was a much warmer -3.

The University released the following statement in an email to all students: 'there are currently no plans to close the University or any of the University’s buildings. However, in the event that we need to revisit this decision or give any other updates, please follow the University’s Twitter feed or visit the emergency announcements page for the very latest news.

'The U1 and U2 services are currently running as normal but public transport into and across the Bristol area may be adversely affected later. Before you travel you’re advised to visit the following websites/social media channels for the latest news.

'Please take care on your journey home tonight and coming to the University tomorrow morning and plan accordingly.'

At least there aren't strikes to keep us out of Uni this year.


Cameron Scheijde

Former Editor | Co-Editor-in-Chief 2018-19 | Online Comment Editor, 2017-18