Pinkman’s Bakery - worth your dough?



By Virginia Campbell, First year Religion and Theology student

Pinkman’s Bakery, just off of Queen’s road, needs no testament from me. With a plethora of self-earned awards - including the Sunday Times’ top 25 Bakeries in the UK, it has plenty to recommend it. Whilst other high fliers may fall short of expectation however, Pinkman’s only exceeds it.

Always busy, but never intimidating, the decor of Pinkman’s strikes somewhere between a cosy living room and arty cafe. Aside from the plants, you are immediately struck by the delicious sights and smells emanating from the countertop. Cakes, sandwiches and scones are only some of the delights on offer. Sourdough pizzas and cocktails even make the list after 5pm, as do the obligatory fresh loaves of bread and pastries in the morning.

Whilst some of these may sound rather average and expected in a cafe, the flavours found in each are not. A fellow Pinkman’s enthusiast once described her sandwich as the ‘best she has ever eaten’.

Their seasonal ranges are no less enticing. Their shortbread base mince pie, with a frangipane layer and toasted flaked almonds was the best mince pie I have ever eaten. Even the traditionalists amongst you would have no chance of objecting to its juicy currants and perfectly seasoned pastry.

Their signature sour-doughnuts are also essential to try. I warn you though, you may never want another doughnut once you’ve tried these.

Image: Epigram Food/Virginia Campbell

Pinkman’s is also incredibly accommodating for dietary requirements. They always have a huge number of vegan dishes on offer, and even offer gluten free pizza bases.

I’m not going to pretend that Pinkman’s is cheap; it is not. You are however, without a doubt, getting your money’s worth. The fresh ingredients, unbelievable flavours and care that go into each of their products means it’s an unregrettable treat. There are also deals to be had, such as the ‘pizza and a beer for ten pounds’ deal, which is unlikely to be beaten by other restaurants.

One final thing that confirmed my love for this bakery was its attitude to food waste. Through the ‘Too good to go’ initiative, Pinkman’s sells off its potential food waste at discounted prices, meaning you can help the planet, and get tasty food for cheap.

I am yet to be disappointed by this gem in the heart of Bristol. If you haven’t yet, a visit is what is kneaded.

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Featured Image: Epigram Food/Virginia Camplbell