Midis: the new must-have



Miranda Smith shows us the versatility of the midi skirt, an item that will see you from Winter to Spring

By Miranda Smith

You don’t have to be a style expert to have noticed the insane amount of people wearing midi skirts around campus lately, and on social media more generally if you follow a ton of bloggers like I do. If you have been anywhere near the ASS, you know all the girls (including myself) have been sporting this longer length of skirt with chunky trainers or docs, and an oversized jumper.

The midi is the perfect winter skirt, obviously much warmer than its mini counterpart even without wearing tights. However, because it has been so unbelievably freezing for a good few days I feel that the addition of tights is now a must.

Despite being completely ambivalent towards puffer jackets, and particularly that black one from north face that every person and their nan seems to own, I hate to admit that I have been wearing my longer pieces with big knits and a puffer. I confess the silhouette of something so massive and androgynous on top juxtaposed by a nice flowy skirt is something that is growing on me, but I would still never buy that particular puffer – mine is chocolate brown suede from Toggi.

The length first became popular on Instagram last Spring with influencers like Lucy Williams wearing that incredible Realisation Par tiger print midi that is now impossible to escape and has been copied by every high street store on the planet.

Having only mentioned skirts, I feel I should say that all my longer length pieces are actually dresses not skirts, but in winter it’s the same effect because obviously its far too cold to only wear one layer. The bonus to this - or the problem, depending on how you look at it - is obviously that there are far more options to choose from when looking for something midi length.

Whether the idea of a bold animal print is for you or not, there is an abundance of skirts and dresses of this length for everyone, no matter how minimal your wardrobe. Silky, plain versions are super trendy at the moment, and look great paired with more masculine pieces to add a bit of edge to the outfit, something Samantha Maria does particularly well.

As well as my animal print ones I have two tartan dresses that are amazing as well, and as predicted both work really well with Docs, but also with trainers for comfort, or heeled boots for an evening look. Midis are the perfect balance of both smart and casual.

If you are someone who is quite reserved and often thinks that something like a zebra print midi skirt is not for you, I wanted to add that I used to think the exact same thing, and felt that wearing something like that around uni would make me look like I was trying too hard, or that the piece was too formal for everyday library attire. But then I thought about it and actually realised that everyone should be able to wear whatever they want, and whatever they feel confident and comfortable in (within reason).

One of my style resolutions for 2019 was to consider the formality of an item without limiting the styling potential to just that: a silk midi skirt (or dress) can be worn with white Nikes and a cropped cream jumper; a bold animal print can be worn with a plain black jumper and docs. Really it is down to experimenting, trying on different prints and then picking one that works well for you and for what you have already in your wardrobe.

Look no further: here is a compact list of every midi you could dream of- straight from the high street!

Topshop has every colour of satin skirt anyone could ever dream of, such as this satin bias midi skirt, a mixed check number, a satin stripe and an iconic giraffe pleat- maybe giraffe is the new zebra?

Zara has a huge range of animal prints (snake, leopard, tiger, zebra). This one has been reduced from £39.99 to £15.99, whilst this is on the pricer side but certainly packs a punch.

For those of you looking to begin your midi debut in a plainer, more forgiving style, look no further than this accordion pleat skirt .

Urban Outfitters has some rather bold styles, including this lilac bias cut dress, a snake print maxi and a snake print slip .

Lastly, on a slightly higher price range, '& Other Stories' (that has recently opened in Cabot Circus) has both animal print and plain silky midis.

Featured Image: Kinga Cichewicz/ Unsplash

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