Dynamite Comedy Night @ Bristol Improv Theatre


By Angus Adair, second year, Physics

Angus Adair pays a visit to Bristol Improv Theatre for their fortnightly comedy showcase.

On a crisp Sunday night, Ted Milligan, the evening’s compère, leads the expectant crowd into a fast, festive narrative, which serves as the backdrop for a host of comedy performers at the Bristol Improv Theatre.

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With the crowd suitably warmed up, the show gets underway with the stand-up section. Here a range of comedians, from the university or the local comedy circuit, are invited to perform their material to a lively Bristol crowd.

In this particular case, comedians John McInnis and James O’Donogue join headliner, and Chortle Student Comedy Award 2018 runner-up, James Trickey, in a line-up which sees discussions of the Three Lions, four-colour ballpoint woes, and why we should all be strumming our banjoleles right now. With laughs filling the first half, the crowd have high hopes for the improvised section to follow.

Bristol Improv member, show director, and host, Eddie FJ, soon takes to the stage to introduce the improvisers who would be showcasing their talents. Having energetically boogied onto the stage, Katy Pritchett, Lily Bower-Kail, Sachin Jalota, Joe Rumming, and, Harry Allmark, are ready for action.

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The remainder of the show is split into a series of short games with the audience encouraged to shape the outcome with their interjections at every step and the unpredictability charming some excellent moments of quick-thinking from every performer. Even in the few occasions when the bemusement of the improvisers at a sudden, unexpected turn would leave them visibly reeling for a moment or two, rather than stalling the momentum of the show, they are handled by a wry smile and a chuckle from the crowd who can appreciate the ridiculousness just as much as any of the jokes.

"the Dynamite Show... provides a positive environment for students to escape the day-to-day or the stress of university life"

With the show ending with one of the fastest laugh per minute games, the audience truly ends the night on a high. The Dynamite Show is a thoroughly entertaining experience and, perhaps more importantly, provides a positive environment for students to escape the day-to-day or the stress of university life. This is apparent from the performers hanging around for a drink or a chat after the show to the ample promotion of how to get involved yourself.

Workshops are held 8pm-10pm every Wednesday and the next Dynamite Show falls on 20th January. If this whets your appetite or getting away from exams proves too difficult then you can enjoy another performance every other Sunday all without spending a penny.

Feature image: Tim Mossholder

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