Preview/ Pantha Du Prince @ Fiddlers


By Jamie Shepherd, MSc Contemporary Identities

Pantha Du Prince will be playing at Fiddlers on Wednesday 12th December, Jamie Shepherd previews

I first came across Pantha du Prince when I needed something to urgently finish an essay of during an all-nighter. I’d played Brian Eno’s Music for Airports and Tycho’s Dive to death and was put onto Hamburg-based producer Hendrik Weber - Pantha du Prince’s - 2010 album Black Noise. His cerebral brand of minimal techno fuses ambience and danceability and was what (I imagine) modafinil would be like in audio format. I was extremely excited to discover that he’s playing Bedminster venue Fiddlers on Wednesday 12th December purely to see how his set would play out in a live-gig setting.

Support slots are filled by Bristol-based 3-piece Hexcut, who fuse elements of jazz, drum & bass and electronica to create a soundscape as arresting as it is innovative. Following Hexcut is the ambient produce Leifur James, who despite creating a name for himself for some time now, only released his debut album A Louder Silence in October this year. The album is a 2-year labour of love that fuses soul-inflected vocals with ominous synths. Truly this night will prove to be a veritable smorgasbord of electronic delights.

Featured Image: Pantha Du Prince/ Rough Trade Records

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