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By Daisy Hall, Third Year Pyschology

Bristol-based Raleigh Ritchie plays SWX, with support from Sasha Keable

The Raleigh Ritchie gig on Friday 30th November at SWX was ‘The Greatest’ gig I have ever been to. This accolade comes despite the fact that Maisie Williams was nowhere to be seen. Bristol-based Raleigh Ritchie was immense, he gave the show his all. Before I start raving about him, however, we need to talk about Sasha Keable.

Sasha Keable was fantastic. Never have I been so ready for the between-the-songs chat, normally stilted and awkward. Having said all this, I’m currently writing this review whilst listening to her album ‘Black Book’ on Spotify and I’m a little disappointed… I feel like the acoustic set was much more her style and really showcased her incredible voice.

Anyway, back to Raleigh Ritchie. Despite arriving on stage wearing an astronaut helmet, symbolic of his latest singles’ covers, he managed to avoid coming off as pretentious,instead managing to be the coolest and most genuine person in the room, a feat not easily achievable. He was open and honest about depression; his childhood dreams; his love for his home town and it was clear that everyone in the audience either wanted to be his mate or his date, despite the moustache.

Naturally ‘Bloodsport ‘15’; ‘Cowards’; ‘The Greatest’ and ‘Time in a Tree’ went down incredibly well with the crowd, with the latter leading to a rather emotional moment for Raleigh. Other notable songs include ‘Liability’ as well as ‘On Fire’ with their immense drops that had everyone jumping. The atmosphere for the entirety of the gig was fantastic, it was clear that everyone was there as fans of his music, rather than his role in Game of Thrones.

Despite two broken mics and some questionable dance moves, Raleigh Ritchie and his band were brilliant, and I would highly recommend catching them on this UK and US tour.

Featured Image: Raleigh Ritchie/ Columbia Records

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