From hall to pool: water problems hit Hiatt Baker



By Imogen Horton, News Editor

There have been reports of 2cm of water in their rooms, kitchen and corridor.

Last week, the newly refurbished B Block in Hiatt Baker flooded, affecting numerous students and their possessions.

The cause of the flood is still being investigated by University Facilities and Estates teams, but students have reported that the flood originated in the boiler room on their corridor.

Samuel Danker, a first year History student, told Epigram that 'the boiler room opposite my room completely flooded and there was so much water streaming out and into everyone’s rooms'.

'For about 25 minutes everyone on our floor was frantically scooping up water with baking trays to try and get rid of it. I was lucky that I moved my things before they could get damaged, but other people were out and their rugs and chargers were ruined.'

'Eventually the maintenance people came to sort it out, but this kind of thing shouldn’t be happening in flats that we were told were ‘newly refurbished’.'


Credit: Caleb Green

He also reported that this was not the first time flooding had occurred, telling Epigram 'I called up the maintenance people two weeks ago for them to come, but it was only the senior residents that came'.

Similar reports have also come from Caleb Green, a first year Chemistry student, who was the first to sport the flood.

He told Epigram: 'It took around 30-40 minutes to get maintenance into the flat with a water vac in which time, the had water reached my room and two of my flatmates had to lift my computer off the floor along with other electronics so there would be no further damage.'

'It was incredibly inconvenient and meant that I couldn't do any of my work for a whole day.'


Credit: Samuel Danker

Epigram also understands that all students affected were given £20 compensation and have the option to claim further compensation for any other damaged possessions such as rugs or chargers.

A University of Bristol spokesman said: 'There have been three water leaks at Hiatt Baker since the beginning of term. Our Facilities and Estates teams are carrying out urgent investigations to discover why this has happened.

'Students affected were offered alternative accommodation while areas were cleaned and dehumidified and they will be reimbursed for any damaged possessions. We apologise for any inconvenience or disruption.'

These floods are the latest in a series of issues with halls, with New Bridewell being left without water last month.

Featured Image: Epigram / Samuel Danker

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