Tampax tampons are periodically cheaper in Waitrose than in Wilko



By Hannah Worthington, Online Editor

Maybe I’m ovary acting, but Waitrose’s 2 for £4 Tampax deal is a bloody bargain.

Every month, unless my periods suddenly decide to take agency and skip their regular stop, I am forced to spend up to a tenner on sanitary supplies. Heavy-duty tampons get thrown in my basket, as well as ‘lights’ for when the beast finally decides to leave me and my hormones be – not forgetting the liners for spillages and mishaps. Naively, I automatically assumed Wilko would be the best bet to get a bargain deal on sanitary products. How wrong I was.

Specified just to the Clifton Triangle, Waitrose’s current deal offers the CHEAPEST deal for sanitary expenditure. Correct – Waitrose. At the moment, popping into Waitrose will save you 70p on buying two boxes of Tampax tampons compared to shopping in Wilko.

‘2 for £4’ – my heart skipped a beat.

Image: Epigram / Hannah Worthington and credits to all supermarkets/retailers for logos

Admittedly, Boots do also have this offer underway, yet they limit buyers to 2 for £4 on Tampax products only. Waitrose, who last year followed Tesco’s decision to announce they will “cut the price of women’s sanitary products and pay the ‘tampon tax’ on behalf of its customers,” give you a mix-and-match option. Whether you want Tampax Compax or your Always Dailies - this deal applies to multiple items on the shelves.

Wilko, lagging behind on this great deal, are only 9p cheaper than a box of Tampax Compax at Waitrose even when they are full price. At £2.50 a box – shopping for two packs in Wilko would be a whole pound more expensive than Waitrose up the road. Sainsbury’s running at £2.35 per box, do provide menstruators with the best price per tampon at 13.1p, but not when saddled next to Waitrose’s 2 box deal.

Waitrose is no longer limited to Mums with their 4by4’s, but is now readily accessible to students who wish to keep the clasp firmly shut on their period purses. It’s time for Wilko to go with the flow and take on the 2 for £4 deal.

Featured Image: Illustration courtesy of Luke Unger / png Logo's credited to Waitrose and Sainsbury's Supermarkets, Boots Health and Beauty, and Wilko mixed goods retailer

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