This Girl Can week 2018 begins


By Henry Edwards, Sport Editor and third year History student

The University of Bristol will be hosting the event from 19-25 November.

Female students will have the opportunity to sign up for a range of activities and classes during This Girl Can week. From 19-25 November, The University and Bristol SU will be offering a variety of events.

On The University’s website, it reassures students that whatever your ability level, the week offers a multitude of opportunities to get active and be sociable; 'whether you’re super sporty or more of a social swimmer, we’ve got activities for everyone'.

But what is This Girl Can? A well-established and respected campaign, the mission is ‘to get women and girls moving, regardless of shape, size and ability’, according to the Sport England website. Their research has found that fewer women engage in sport than males; Sport England CEO Jennie Price stated that '75 per cent of women would like to do more [exercise]'.

Perhaps part of the reason for this societal trend lies in issues with feeling judged. Problems such as fear, intimidation and self-doubt are major obstacles for many women considering participation.

Third year Bristol student Mary Appleton alluded to these very concerns when she told me of her reasons behind registering an interest. Speaking of the gym space in particular, Mary noted that it 'is a very male-dominated space and I feel intimidated going to work out there'.

Highlighting the importance of campaigns like This Girl Can, Mary celebrated their capacity allow women to 'feel welcome in the gym and in sports teams'.

'It’s an opportunity to learn new things without fear of being judged.'

To find out more about the upcoming week, be sure to visit The University of Bristol website, or ask plenty of questions in The University’s leisure complex on Tyndall Avenue.

Featured image: Bristol SU

Let us know how you get on during This Girl Can week!

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