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By Laura Reid, University Management Correspondent

Can't decide between the bright lights of the Triangle, the vibrant student community of Redland and the peaceful tranquility of Kingsdown? Here's a run-down of the most popular housing locations for second and third-year students at Bristol.


The closest Bristol will get to the social buzz of Leeds’ Hyde Park and Manchester’s Fallowfield, Redland is the favoured home of second-years. However, other than lots of students living there, Redland has little else to offer. I’d also watch where exactly in ‘Redland’ you choose to live. Whilst roads such as Brighton or Waverley are reasonably close to uni as well as the nice cafes and shops on Chandos and Cotham Hill, some parts of Redland are flung up towards the top end of Whiteladies. If, like myself, you lived in Stoke Bishop during your first year, give yourself a well-deserved break from miles of walking and crammed bus journeys, and do not live near the Downs. However, if you live on Hampton Road you will be blessed with the petrol station as a local shopping hub! No but, in all seriousness, Redland is actually a lot of fun in second year.


If you want to pretend you are living in David Nicholls' Starter for Ten, look no further than Clifton. Lovely houses, views from the suspension bridge and sweet pubs make Clifton a top choice, in particularly for third-years and those looking to live the wholesome Bristol life. Pembroke Road is arguably the focal point for student living, but there are also lots of houses behind the Victoria Rooms. This area is also home to the Lido, so if you have a spare £20 you could even treat yourself to a cheeky dip!


'Unless you are some sort of Olympic triathlete, walking up this hill will turn you into a sweaty weeping mess'

The Kingsdown area is, in my humble opinion, the cream of the crop! Despite the fact that it nearly burnt down a couple of weeks ago, there are few flaws to this sweet location. And don’t fret! The (reasonably) well-stocked Co-op is still standing amongst the rubble. Boasting four pubs on St Michael’s Hill alone (!), the infamously cheap and tasty Parson’s, and the delicious Chris and Jo’s Kitchen, this is an oasis for third-years. It is blessed with being a stone’s throw from uni, Cabot and Stokes Croft. The only downside to living in Kingsdown is the horrific challenge of walking back up St Michael’s Hill. Unless you are some sort of Olympic triathlete, walking up this hill will turn you into a sweaty weeping mess and leave you wishing you hadn’t popped to Primark for some new socks.

The Triangle

Home to one of the most expensive Sainsbury's in the country, as well as a (mini) Waitrose, living on the Triangle might eat up your money at a scary rate. A small area, but crammed with cafes such as Eat a Pitta, Pret and Boulangerie, the Triangle is ideal for those who are too lazy to walk more than 50 metres to buy food. It also has some well-known gems, such as the Greek haven Taka Taka, as well as the lesser-known Rocotillos, who make mean breakfasts and milkshakes. This is the perfect location to live if you are a religious follower of cheesy nightlife. You can simply open your front door and find yourself amongst a myriad of classy establishments, whether it be Lola’s, Bargs or La Rocca.



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