What is Student Council and why does it matter?


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Student Council, a chance to see student democracy in its finest, is just around the corner. You’re all invited, and best of all there will be free pizza (because pizza and democracy go hand in hand right?!). But what is Student Council and why does it matter?

Student Council is the primary representative forum of Bristol SU. It creates policy which directs the focus of the elected officers. It also provides a platform to debate and discuss what matters to you. If there’s something at university that you want to change, then Student Council is the place to bring it up.

Members (that’s you!) discuss and vote on motions which have been submitted by students. All students can submit a motion or propose a topic for discussion. You might also want to bring the idea to one of our Networks and gather feedback or input from more students. Any motions that pass become active SU policy for three years. Motions will be published in advance so you can see the agenda.

All students can attend Student Council, submit motions and debate but only eligible members can vote. These include:

• Society Presidents
• Sports Club Captains
• Course and Faculty Reps
• JCR Presidents
• Chairs of Networks
• Student Trustees

Image: Bristol SU

Student Council is also an opportunity to hear updates from your elected officers and ask them any questions you might have.

You can see minutes from previous student councils on the SU website. Examples of motions which have been discussed previously are:

• Establish a multifaith network
• To continue boycotting the NSS or to stop boycotting the NSS
• Speaker disinvitation

Student Council is important as it is your opportunity to influence SU policy and see change at the university. It’s also a good way of keeping track of what your elected officers are up to and hold them to account.

The first Student Council of the academic year will take place on Tuesday 20 November in the Anson Rooms from 6-8pm. Other democratic dates for your diaries are AMM (like Student Council but everyone can vote) on Tuesday 26 February and the final Student Council on Tuesday 11 June.

Featured Image: Bristol SU