5 food Instagram pages that you must follow


By Zainab Rhyman, first year Law student

We all need a little inspiration, whether it be on improving our Instagram/blog game or moving away from those pasta dinners to something a little more substantial (and tasty). These Instagram pages will do both, whilst giving you major food envy. Maybe try out a few recipes and share it? Or you could just drool over the photos like me.

A drool-worthy Instagram full of stunning food photos and reviews. Kar-Shing Tong takes his followers on a never-ending restaurant crawl, sharing his favourite eats and menu items. A mix of breakfast, lunch and dinner, followers of @ks_ate_here are never short of cravings. Though Tong’s Instagram lacks recipes, his page will have you craving food you never thought you’d crave or food you never knew existed! All the more reason to explore Bristol!
Follow for: Food photography, cheat day eats and restaurant reviews

The latest in food trends and photo worthy meals and desserts. A feed full of colours, carbs and perfect aerial shots, Michel Phiphak has perfected the art of the ‘aesthetic’ food feed, sharing perfectly edited photos of the trendiest drinks, puddings and fast food. Followers of Michel are treated with reviews of new and up-coming foodie hotspots as well as menu recommendations. A definite follow for those who want to spend a study break scrolling through Instagram and plan their next food outing with their friends. Again, another Instagram to inspire your next outing to hunt down the latest food trends in Bristol!
Follow for: Trendy eats, perfectly composed and edited food shots and a bright feed

A feel-good Instagram, compiling a mix of recipes, foodie stories and motivation. An extension of @bonappetitmag, this feed cultivates the best of the foodie world. Providing its with followers an endless supply of easy recipes, tales of everyday cooks and entrepreneurs and general health-based information and support, @healthy_ish is a student’s ideal page. Follow for beautiful feed that won’t stop convincing you to swap that boring bowl of pasta for something more nutritious and less boring.
Follow for: Simple recipes, a beautiful feed and uplifting stories

Michael Zee rejects the idea that breakfast should be a quick slice of toast and cup of coffee, opting instead for beautifully symmetrical plates of home-cooked delights for himself and his partner. Followers of Michael are treated to a beautiful feed of identical plates of food, all of which make the typical student breakfast of a sad bowl of cereal look even sadder. Branching out to different cultures, Zee takes his followers all over the world, sampling various cuisines along the way. A must follow for foodies who appreciate precise plating and aren’t afraid to try something new.
Follow for: Breakfast inspiration, gorgeous food photography and pancakes

Clean plates, minimal fuss and bright photos, all the makings of a successful page. Lucia Lee shares her favourite meals and recipes, encouraging followers to turn seasonal ingredients and sorry leftovers into a beautiful, filling and (sometimes) quick meal. An Instagram for the student who is looking to improve their food presentation, take advantage of seasonal produce and branch out to new flavours
Follow for: Minimalistic feed, recipe inspiration and seasonal cooking

Feature image: Unsplash/Eaters Collective

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