Bristol Green Week: how to get involved


By Victoria Bromham, second year, chemistry.

Monday marks the start of Bristol Green Week and an opportunity to be more eco-friendly. Victoria Bromham outlines some of the main attractions going on around this city this week and how you can get involved.

From Monday 15th to Friday 19th of October, events will be taking place at a range of locations around the city to mark the inaugural Bristol Green Week, as part of a larger national initiative, Green Great Britain Week. The events and activities are designed to increase public understanding of clean growth and will provide a great opportunity to explore Bristol and find out how we can all play a part in tackling the major environmental issues facing our planet today.

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Monday 15th of October

Cabot Institute Annual Lecture: The Paris Agreement – where are we now? New evidence, a new call to action (Wills Memorial Hall, 6 – 7.30pm).

This year’s lecture will focus on the findings of the International Panel on Climate Change special report, published earlier this month. In 2015, world leaders made a proposal to limit the global temperature rise above pre-industrial levels to 1.5°C – this lecture will explore the impact that a temperature increase of this size could have on the planet, as well as the likelihood that we will actually be able to achieve this target.

There will also be a showcase of a new piece of street art by Anna Higgie on the exterior of the We the Curious building, based around the conclusions of the IPCC report.

Tuesday 16th of October

Technologies of the future: Clean growth and innovation (Create Centre, 7.30 – 10.30am).

The Future Economy Network will be co-hosting a business breakfast with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, highlighting progress made with the introduction of the Clean Growth Strategy and celebrating innovation in the transport and energy industries.

Wednesday 17th of October

Financing the low carbon economy (Bristol Energy Hub, 3 – 5.00pm).

This afternoon event will consider the role of the financial sector in delivering clean growth and making a positive contribution to society, organised by Triodos Bank, Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol Energy and Bristol City Council.

Thursday 18th of October

Clean growth as a business opportunity (The Create Centre, 3 – 6pm).

Hosted by Alfen and the Future Economy Network, this event will provide an insight into the potential of electric vehicles as a means of reducing emissions for businesses and fleet owners across Bristol.

Friday 19th of October

Climate action in communities (Arnolfini, 1 – 5pm).

This conference will focus on the role that communities can play in the fight against climate change, and the potential socio-economic benefits that this could generate. It will look at the power of grassroots activity to reduce fuel poverty and climate change, and ways in which local authorities and policy-makers can help to support and encourage these initiatives.

Screening of ‘Blue Marvel’ (We the Curious, 5 - 6pm – the event is free to attend, but advance booking is required).

To mark the end of Bristol Green Week, ‘Blue Marvel’, the 3D Planetarium Show developed in partnership with the Cabot Institution, will be shown in a special screening at We the Curious. Discover how space exploration influenced the environmental movement and instilled us with a greater appreciation of our own planet.

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