New Student Housing Scheme



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We’ve all heard the stories about student housing in Bristol. From unreliable landlords, to the fact that it is just so expensive, it’s not a pretty picture. Where you live is important and finding quality, reasonably priced housing can be difficult, which is why we’re looking at new solutions for housing.

Bristol SU are working with United Communities and local charity 1625ip to deliver an innovative container housing project. The project aims to bring housing which offers value for money to students and young people within the city of Bristol.

What will the housing be like?

Students will live alongside young people from the city of Bristol who have come through 1625ip’s supported living scheme. 1625ip is a local charity that supports young people in Bristol who are at risk of homelessness, and have previously been Bristol SU’s selected Varsity charity.

The property, built from container units, will have good size studio rooms, as well as communal spaces to bring the residents together to build a strong and vibrant community. We’re hoping these rooms will be ready from as early as September 2019.
The project is a self-management housing scheme and so we'll be looking for students who are interested in building a home and taking some responsibility for the space they'll live in.

Self-management is a flexible system which allows tenants to devise and implement their own initiatives to create a pleasant atmosphere and strengthen social cohesion.

Has this been done before?

A similar project took place in Amsterdam where students and refugees were living in the same space. The Startblok project opened in July 2016 with 463 studio apartments and 102 rooms. Half of them were for Dutch students and recent university graduates. The other half were for refugees.

How do I find out more?

We’re holding an interest meeting for anyone who might like to find out more about the project. This is your opportunity to shape the project or even express an interest in living there yourself. The meeting will be on Thursday 18 October at 12pm in LR8, Arts Complex. Sign up here:

Featured Image: Bristol SU