Style editor's picks of the fortnight


By India Harrison Peppe, Laura Mallinson and Ruby Gleeson, Epigram's Style Team

The style editors offer their favourite fashion items of the fortnight.

This week, Style Editor India has been loving...

Topshop’s Zebra Print shoulder bag for the new uni year. Can’t afford the iconic Dior saddle bag that seems to be making a furious comeback? This will do just as well. Topshop is selling an affordable accessory that is in keeping with this seasons animal print trend. Forget the branded bumbag and cart this around Motion instead- no bouncer is going to search you when you wear something as fierce as this.

Image: Topshop/

Topshop, Kenya Zebra Print Tote Bag, £25.

Style Sub-Editor Laura recommends...

Give me the ugliest and chunkiest dad trainers going to clomp into the new term – they’re both hilarious and effortlessly cool. Gone are the school days of the dreaded PE lost and found box with thick laced Puma’s in garish colours; these kicks are now spilling out onto the catwalk and our highstreets – note the gorgeous Balenciaga Triple S which are more than my rent! Thankfully, these wicked shoes are street centred and can be found at a much nicer price point and they will be perfect for traipsing around campus and making your mark.

Image: Zara/

Zara, Fashion Sneakers, £49.99.

Online Style Editor Ruby Gleeson says

News just in- Queens Road’s Waitrose have officially banned paper cups. ‘But how can I get my free morning cappuccino?’ Panic not! Plastic cups are out, silicone beakers are in. Join the fight to save the planet and get your hands on a Stojo cup. Its collapsible, its expandable and it comes in nine different colours. Invest in one from Vinegar Hill for £14.99 and start saving on your morning almond milk latte- it will soon start paying for itself.


Image: Stojo/

Vinegar Hill, £14.99.

Featured Image: Becca McHaffie / Unsplash

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