Bristol Uniform Check


By Laura Mallinson, Style Sub-Editor

Style Sub-Editor Laura Mallinson gives us the lowdown on the staple items at the heart of Bristol fashion.

Amongst all the patterned shirts and fishnet tights, here are a few Bristol style staples to start you off with a bang this Freshers’. It’s true that the cover doesn’t always tell the story, but when it comes to outerwear, it’s the perfect place to start in identifying a Bristolite.

Image: Urban Outfitters, Ellesse Navy Panel Shell Track Top, £52.00 (Urban Outfitters)

For both guys and girls, vintage sports shells are the go-to cover-up. They’re perfect for glitter filled nights out and often counteract hyperthermia when paired with a frilly brallete; but ultimately, they make any look bulletproof. But when the reality of the cruel Bristol wind kicks in, you’ll soon find students swap to oversized trench coats big enough to house a family of four.

It’s all about the layers - fill your best vintage coat with classic Reebok or Fila sweaters and patterned grandad jumpers for a Bristol style stamp of approval, sealed with a statement earing kiss, to finalise the comfortable but chic look we all aim for when walking down Woodland Road.

Image: Urban Outfitters, UO Wildflower Side Button Maxi Skirt, £42.00 (Urban Outfitters)

Image: Mango, hoop earrings, £12.99 (Mango)

Add into the mix some fiercely feminine looks, with winter floral maxi skirts balanced out with chunky boots for a look which demands a power walk; or, bring back the 70s flare to pair with statement Ts and loud prints to join our love for modern day reworks. Now’s the time to get inventive. When it comes to the guys on campus, oversized shirts and huge denim jackets are a real hit, accentuate this look with a turned-up beanie or retro cap for a charming addition to the expected style.

Image: Weekday, Hunt Shirt in Green, £35 (Weekday)

Don’t just turn up to lectures in joggers – you’ll do yourself a lot of favours. For the extra dapper gentlemen amongst you, the sharp look of off-white denim and the rusty chord is making its mark amongst the average black skinny jeans, so don’t be afraid to explore the brighter side of life this term.

Image: ASOS, Vintage Sport Shell Jacket, £19.99 (ASOS)

These items might well fall into the cliché edge of Bristol, but let’s face it, we the students are the ones who have curated this lookbook of second-hand, so let’s own it.

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Featured Image: Instagram / @Truevintageclothing

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