Law student starts fundraising for critical surgery after being told of long NHS waitlists



Rosie Woollard, a Law student at Bristol, suffers from post-meningitis ME, severe fibromyalgia, endometriosis, suspected chronic lyme disease and suspected cancer of the cervix and ovaries. She needs to raise £4500 for her life-saving surgery.

Rosie fell ill with meningitis in 2016 during freshers week, and after recovery suffered from several critical setbacks. She has been continuing her studies whilst going in and out of the hospital for the past year.

In her JustGiving Page, Rosie details her setbacks and how the NHS has failed her.

“Coming from a single-parent family of financial hardship, studying at Uni is financially tough, without the costs of falling ill (£2000+ so far). Sadly, it is likely my illnesses will deteriorate further. But, there is surgery that can improve one illness: endometriosis. I need the surgery urgently (due to the suspected cancer)”

Talking about NHS failings, Rosie goes on: “The NHS has failed me. Their waiting list for a specialist surgeon (Spring 2019) puts my life in danger. I need the laparoscopic remove of endo and investigation of cancer urgently, or I could die”.

She explains how difficult the last year has been for her, and what a difference donations to her medical costs will make to her.

“At present, I rely on sticks & a wheelchair. Between the illnesses, symptoms include severe chronic back, pelvic & calf pain, debilitating fatigue, nausea & bowel issues, fevers, difficulty walking, muscle weakness, brain fog, & menstrual issues.

“Your money will allow me to have surgery, get a better-suited wheelchair, and cover some medical costs”.

Milly Woollard, Rosie's younger sister, told Epigram:

"My sister doesn't deserve to go through this and needs every donation possible. The fact that it will help one of her chronic illnesses makes the surgery so worthwhile! She's carried on volunteering and helping the community whilst being so unwell. Now it's time for the community to help her."

You can donate to Rosie's fundraiser here.

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