Dad's the Word: Best Father's Day Food Deals



Food Editor, Laila Freeman, rounds up the best places to take your dad this Father’s Day.

Chances are, the title of this article has come as a reminder of the fact that Father's Day is fast approaching, on Sunday 17th June. But, fear not: Epigram Food has got your dinner plans covered no matter where in the country you are, with this comprehensive round up of the best Father's Day deals being offered at your favourite chain restaurants.

  1. Las Iguanas

This popular Mexican chain provides an alternative to the trusted pizza / pasta combo (spoiler: a lot of that to come). Whilst they are not offering a set menu this year, Las Iguanas are offering Dad a free bottle of Brahma beer if he orders a main course, which, of course, he will.

  1. Zizzi

This year, Zizzi is serving up a set menu for Fathers Day, with three courses for £19.99. There is a lot of choice on this menu, with a range of pizza and pasta items, and Zizzi is able to cater to gluten free and vegan diets better than most other chains. But, whilst the menu itself is great, £19.99 isn't actually that good a deal, especially as portions are large enough that people don't need to order individual starters.

  1. Turtle Bay

Another break away from the humble Italian restaurant, Caribbean restaurant Turtle Bay are offering up a completely free 'one pot' if you spend £20 - effectively an opportunity to get yourself a free meal. This would rank higher on our list, but the catch is that this £20 has to be spent on the app and for the technologically illiterate amongst us, well that's gone right over our heads.

  1. Prezzo

In penultimate place is Prezzo. Part of the reason that Prezzo has placed so highly is because it typically has less of a "chain" feel, being one of the more atmospheric chain restaurants. However, it is their Father's Day deal of a round of free drinks that has secured Prezzo its impressive spot. Unlike Las Iguanas, which offers diners a bottle of beer, Prezzo offers guests a range of drink options including beer and soft drinks, so this deal is a treat for you as much as for your dad.

  1. Pizza Express

How could beloved Pizza Express not come out on top? Pizza Express is offering a menu of two courses from £13.95: ditch the unwanted third course that Zizzi offers, whilst also ditching £6 off your bill. Moreover, Pizza Express's Father's Day experience goes beyond their menu, as they encourage guests to ask for a 'Piccolo Pack' to engage in a quirky Never Have I Ever game at the table. Admittedly, not many people - correction: no one - actually wants to play Never Have I Ever with their dads but hey, it's a nice idea.

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