Bristol student volunteers brighten up Robinson House


Last week, a group of Bristol University students, along with the SU, gave up a day to volunteer at Robinson House.

On Wednesday 6th June, a team of Bristol SU volunteers spent the day painting a bold and bright garden inspired mural for the residents which included giant flowers, butterflies, bees and balloons.

Robinson House is a Brunel Care nursing home in Stockwood which supports 70 residents living with various stages of dementia. The staff were keen to give their residents year-round colour in the garden as well as something to talk about, so contacted Bristol SU for their support.

The team are said to have been happy to take up the challenge, and, due to the size of the garden, will be returning in October to finish the mural.

Jade Campbell, 2nd year Economics and Finance student said: 'I took part because I really wanted to make a difference to someone's every day just by brightening it up.

'It was lovely to speak to the residents and carers and have them involved with us painting. It will be really great to go back and finish the job.'

Bristol SU currently supports around 1000 students through student led volunteering projects, one-off activities and an online brokerage tool to get involved with the wider Bristol community through volunteering.

A spokesperson for Bristol SU told Epigram: 'We are central to the university experience, offering representation, social life, clubs, activities, advice and support. We also seek to reach out into the wider community through initiatives like Bristol Big Give and RAG to ensure that the people of Bristol appreciate the contribution of its student population.

We have achieved loads in the last year including raising £150,000 for charity, providing advice to over 500 students, improving sustainability and funding individual students to pursue hobbies and interests.

'More details of these and more can be found at We are constantly improving what we do by actively involving students in our decision making and delivery.'

Students who wish to get involved with Bristol SU volunteering, or have a project they wish to offer, can do so by contacting

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