Jam on Totes: Hand-embroidered tote bags

Ahead of the Bristol Student Business 'Markers Market' launch on Sunday 3rd June (running between 11am-4pm in the Balloon Bar), Online Style Editor Hannah Worthington interviews Becca, a second year Law student who will be featuring her handmade tote bags from her newly created business 'Jam on Totes'.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and the brand?

I'm Becca, I'm a second year law student and I started Jam on Totes this March after making bags for a few friends.

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  1. What inspired you to set up Jam on Totes?

A friend saw my bags and suggested I sell them, so I just gave it a shot! I've always been interested in starting something new, and embroidering is a great creative outlet when EU law is stressing me out! My first market feature is coming up, and I'm getting excited about spending time over the summer on my business.

  1. Can customers customise their own designs/tote bags?

Customers can personalise their totes. My most popular bag is the personalised flowery bag, and I've embroidered customer's favourite flowers, their initial in their favourite colour, and I even embroidered bees onto one bag!

Jam On Totes personalised floral embroidered bags are now on sale on Etsy!

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I love hearing new ideas. I also have a request for an initial bag with planets around it, which I'm working on right now. I also do custom work, and I'm pretty much up for anything - the more creative a suggestion is, the more fun I can have with it!

Image: Becca / Jam on Totes

  1. It doesn’t just appear to be totes that you design and sell- what other creations to do list on sale?

I have gone off-piste somewhat since March! I started selling embroidered earrings and more recently clothing. I'm really enjoying embroidering denim jackets with designs you wouldn't necessarily find on the high street.

Image: Becca / Jam on Totes

  1. Where can students/prospective buyers purchase your products?

I currently sell on etsy and depop, or you can message me directly on Instagram to chat about potential orders. I will be at the BSB Maker's Market on the 3rd June at the Balloon Bar too (click here for more information), and there are some super talented makers that will be there so I would recommend dropping by for a look around!

Click here to view Becca's business Instagram page and browse some of her products.

Featured Image: Becca, Jam on Totes

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