In pictures: March for better Mental Health services

Deputy Features Editor Tom Taylor speaks to marchers.

Yesterday evening, Bristol students and staff marched from the Victoria Rooms to Senate House with an aim to improve Mental Health and Wellbeing services at the University.

I asked some of the students why they were marching and how they thought the University could improve its mental health services.

Support Our Services organiser Ruth Day (central) leads the march.

First Year Psychology student, Gail (left) tells me how people close to her suffer from mental health issues and it angers her how little funding mental health services receive from the university.

Sophie, a Second Year Sociology student, stated “There’s no point in staying silent about something that causes suffering and pain. We are here because we care.”

Third Year Biology student, Amalia, believes that whilst support staff do try their best, they are underfunded and lack specialist training.She tells me tutors require training to be able to help students who are suffering with health issues rather than just academia.

“Mental Health is an issue which affects everyone”, Isabelle (furthest right) says, “and we need to value it more.”

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