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Tired of duff razors and sore redness from shaving? Online Style Editor Hannah Worthington books herself in for her first Hollywood Wax, and shares her honest opinion on this taboo topic, of how painful it really is, and the best salons to visit in Bristol

We've all been there. 'Today is the day I am going to go for it and wax the lady bits' we utter, but somehow that day never arrives and we always end up adding the cheapest pack of re-usable razors into our weekly Sainsbury's shop. After frustration at quick re-growth and coarse hairs, I finally took the plunge and booked myself the daunting appointment: a hollwood wax.

It has been said that starting with a bikini-line wax is better and most advisable if you have never waxed down south. Having waxed my legs for years, I decided my pain threshold could handle it. Maybe this was a little ambitious, but on reflection, I would still say just go for it all: you'll only be dissatisfied feeling the smooth against bristles.

First off - ensure the Salon you visit has Lycon wax. It is an absolute no no to have a Hollywood via strip wax. Lycon is made from pure Australian Beeswax, and my beautician informed me that not only does this wax set quicker, but it is also up to 50% less painful -and this is pretty imperative if your lady forest has never met with wax before.

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Lying on the Salon bed, with spa-like acoustics trying their best to settle me, I was nervous, and so was my vagina. We start with the bikini line. Lycon wax was applied in a thick layer using a spatula, left to dry for a minute, and subsequently ripped off. This area was fairly painful - comparative to treading on a lego brick (twice).


Then, we moved to the top area of hair that always seems to peep out of our knickers if we let it get too long. Every time, my beautician used a new spatula to apply the wax - make sure no double dipping is going on and that your beautician is wearing gloves, because the amount of 'vajayjay' bacteria (Oprah Winfrey inspired) that will have been dipped back in will be teeming. The front was again painful, perhaps less so than the bikini. I'd say think of the top as like ripping off a plaster, very fast.

The most painful area was thus the lips and labia. I normally never yelp or scream, and I did. If you've only ever shaved, the hair accumulates and gets very coarse. The pain was similar to 1000's of pin needles pricking you at once, or a minor burn. Fair to say, ouch.


Would I do it again? Oh yes. As they say, the first time is always the worst, and having been blissfully left with no hair for over a week now, its well worth chucking out those rubbish shavers and dealing with 30 minutes of pain. Ensure you are going to a salon which is conveniently placed in Bristol, one that has good sanitation practices, and preferably one with student discount. Try The Treatment Rooms on Park Row, just 2 minutes away from Wills Memorial, Serenity Beauty and Hair in Clifton which has £10 off on the use of code, 'SALON10', or Beauty Box on Whiteladies Road which has 20% student discount on Monday's and Tuesday's.

After around 10 applications of wax down below, you will be out and walking the streets of Bristol with a twinkle that is certainly twinkling.


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