Epigram is recruiting for its 2018/19 Editorial Team!


Fancy joining the prestigious ranks of former editors of one of the UK's leading student publications? Epigram is looking for Editors, deputy editors and online editors for the new academic year.

Previous members of the team include Susanna Reid and James Landale, with many editors using their experience at Epigram in their new roles at the BBC, Sky News, The Times, The Independent, and ITV - to name a few.

Being on the editorial team of Epigram is an incredibly rewarding experience. General responsibilities will include commissioning and editing content, using multimedia platforms to enhance our readers' experience, and liasing with relevant bodies for your section.

Applications are open for the roles of Editor, Deputy Editor or Online Editor for every Epigram section, as well as for Sub-Editors:

Click HERE to apply. Applications close 7th May!

-News - lead Epigram's coverage of news and events. Your duties will involve finding and uncovering stories, as well as covering breaking news stories as they happen. Being on the news team can be a fast-paced yet incredibly rewarding job - and it is a lot easier than it sounds so get involved!

The team of five will now include a University correspondent, an SU correspondent and a Student Life correspondent, so we really will be covering all aspects of the university experience! If you don't fancy the hard-hitting stories that following university management will bring, why not become a Student Life correspondent for the lighter yet equally important stories? Equally, if you have the urge to get to the heart of what is going on at the top of the University, and to work out what that means for students, then the University correspondent may be the role for you!

We are also reintroducing the role of Investigations Editor, where you will be in charge of digging into and uncovering the hidden stories around the University and Bristol.

-Features - in depth analysis, studies and interviews. Features is home to impartial looks into aspects of student life.

-Comment - home of the student voice, opinion and views on the week's news. Relevant to a Bristol student audience, Comment is where opinionated writers can share their views on what's wrong and how to change it.

-Science & technology - news, features and analysis into all the goings on in the Science and technology world, including looks into major scientific breakthroughs, developments and studies.

-Living - The first section of Epigram's supplement publication, E2, Living is a fun take on all aspects of life as a student. Living has agony aunts, horoscopes and advice on everything from housing to picnic spots.

-Wellbeing - After two years of increasing readership, Wellbeing is full of tips and conversations about mindfulness and how to best navigate the difficult student world. Also contains looks at mental illnesses, and what you can do to help those struggling.

-Food - Recipes, tips and guidance on how to cook well at Uni, including vegetarian and vegan recipes and articles on the benefits of eating well, or the best places to indulge.

-Style - fashion advice, discussing ethical fashion and exploring Bristol's best looks. Style is where Bristol's most fashion-conscious discuss what they're wearing and why.

-Travel - looking for go on a post-uni gap year? Unsure of where to go on holiday? Travel has articles on all the most exotic (or close to home) locations.

-Film & TV - Reviews of films, Netflix series and more, including discussions on everything related to the world of Film & TV.

-Puzzles - Sudokus, crosswords, omnipuzzles and everything in between.

-Arts - News and reviews from the arts world, including theatre, galleries, exhibitions, poetry readings and arts and crafts.

-Music- Coverage and reviews of club nights, concerts, interviews with artists and comment pieces on the music industry and where its going.

-Sport - All of Bristol's sports news, including coverage of BUCS games and spotlights on lesser-known sports.

We are also recruiting for the new role of
Social Media Manager. Ideally someone with good knowledge of Epigram's brand identity, the social media manager will be in responsible all of the paper's social media identities. Responsibilities include making instagram stories for breaking news, creating short videos on news stories, collecting opinions for Twitter threads, ensuring continuity across platforms and regularly updating snapchat, instagram and Facebook.

If you want to get involved in the running of Epigram but cannot commit as much time as an editorial position, we are also recruiting for Sub-Editors. As a sub-editor, you will not be assigned to a specific section but will work across the paper, ensuring the layout of each issue and online is up to scratch by proofreading and amending mistakes. Sub-editors are not usually assigned a specific section, so will get the chance to proofread various sections across the paper.

To lead the sub-editors is the role of Chief Proofreader.

The application form can be found HERE! You'll need three examples of your writing.

The deadline for applications is the 7th May.

The form can only be accessed by current University of Bristol students. If you will be coming to the University of Bristol for postgraduate study next year and wish to apply, please email getinvolved.epigram@gmail.com with a covering letter, an ideas sheet, and three examples of your writing.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your applications!

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