Students launch smartphone app ‘RESIST’ in time for revision period


Students have a tendency to spend hours at a time on their phone. In time for the revision period, three Bristol students have developed an app that helps you regain the discipline required to stay away from your phone.

According to a recent ComScore report, we students now spend around 20% of our day on our smartphones - and more and more studies are revealing us to be at the mercy of an ever-increasing addiction to our handheld devices.


Students are constantly reminded of the revision-ruining effects of constant notifications, emails, reminders but shutting off your phone becomes increasingly difficult.

RESIST is a productivity app designed to provide an incentive to stay away from your phone. You first specify the amount of time you want to stave off the distractions and stay away from your phone. Then you put a chosen amount of money on the line which you consent to which will be taken from you and sent to charity should you surrender to the temptation of checking your phone.


The charity you pick is up to you – the app currently has a choice of four, but is open to suggestions and will soon be expanding its options. The app is entirely non-profit, and 100% of your self-chosen forfeit goes to the selected charity.

Alex Robinson, a 3rd Year Computer Science student at UoB and member of the Resist team, explains the motive behind the app: 'We actually made this app for ourselves and friends – exams are getting close and none of the other productivity apps were effective at actually keeping us away from our phones, so we decided to make something that upped the stakes slightly and made it worth staying away.

We’re proud of what we have made and have loved the feedback we have had from other students so far'.

Need an extra incentive to help you ditch the digital distractions and stay focused on your revision? Go to or search ‘Resist App Productivity’ on the Google Play app store to download the app for free.

Featured image credit: RESIST

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Nikki Peach

Deputy Editor 2018/19, formerly News Editor 2017/18 / Third-year English student