Tom Grennan @ SWX, 17/03



Indie pop artist Tom Grennan is on his U.K tour. Daisy Hall reviews his visit to Bristol, which kicked it all off...

Tom Grennan has just embarked on an eight day tour in order to support his upcoming album: Lighting Matches, and his set couldn’t be cooler or more down-to-earth if it tried. Amidst the plethora of swear words, his signature sound is incredible as he proves his worth - especially since he has just recovered from tonsillitis. The entire tour has completely sold out and he’s buzzing for it after starting at Bristol’s SWX on the 16th of March.

His second of two support acts goes by the name Ten Tonnes (not Ted as I originally thought) and to put it simply: I think I might be in love with him. In fact, I had a mini heart attack when he retweeted me the other day. The lesser known brother of George Ezra possesses an incredible voice as showcased in his track ‘Lucy’ and his debut EP immediately made it onto my Spotify playlist. He is definitely one to watch out for.

Tom Grennan opened with some of his classic tunes before performing some of the tracks from his debut album live for the first time. The whole set has a great energy and his vocals are insane! I’ve been playing his tracks on repeat since the gig.

Tom’s debut EP Something in the Water was incredibly successful, so much so that the support for it took him by surprise. It fact, he said that he was chuffed by the response from fans and critics alike which led to him being a part of the BBC Sound of Music Profile and the MTV shortlist in 2017. He found that this accolade early-on in his career encouraged his debut album Lighting Matches which he described as a classic record full of live instruments and big vocals. Writing and recording the album took him on a journey of maturity and fans may be surprised by its sound which he refuses to describe as indie and is instead states that it is exclusively his own sound.

I would recommend catching Tom Grennan on his tour supported by Ten Tonnes- it’s an amazing night and both of them are forces to be reckoned with.

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