Oscars 2018: Men of the red carpet



First year Law student Oliver Briscoe shares his five favourite looks from the Oscars 2018 as worn by some of the most prolific male actors on the big screens. From Armie Hammer to Tom Holland, all men graced the red carpet in style.

Tom Holland

Young but still one of the sharpest men last night, at the Oscars to present . Tom Holland was wearing a high cut, six on three double breasted dinner suit from Hermès. The tone of the outfit is traditional, all black, patent leather oxfords but it is hardly boring. The bow-tie is knit which gives a more relaxed but still refined line in contrast with the well constructed peaked lapels. The buttons are large but work well and remind us slightly of the naval past of the suit. All together a sleek look with a modern cut that showcases well a black-tie alternative.

Darell Britt-Gibson

Here with the Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri cast, Britt-Gibson came in a pink dinner jacket. The rest of his outfit is not at all to be emulated. The trousers are too short and skinny, he is wearing a tie, his shirt is just a normal white one and his sleeves are too short. I cannot even start to mention his shoes. However, he does deserve a mention because as he proves pink is acceptable and even commendable.

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Armie Hammer

One of the stars of Call Me By Your Name, Hammer brings an undeniable elegance in a full maroon velvet suit by Giorgio Armani. Although, not a complete dinner suit, Hammer pulls it off by keeping the rest of the outfit simple and classic.

Timothée Chalamet

Hammer's younger co-star and perhaps one of the fastest rising stars this year, Chalamet has taken to Hollywood fame well and always impresses with his red carpet style. The Oscars were no different as Chamalet arrived wearing an all white dinner suit from Berluti with patent chelsea boots. An impressive red carpet outfit contrasted with a colour and style of shoe that comes to deflate the formality of the look whilst keeping it appropriate.

with mia madre at the Oscars ❤️

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Daniel Kaluuya

Named the BAFTA's Rising Star, Kaluuya produced shockwaves in the unexpected success of one of the movies year: Get Out. A movie about implied racism in modern America through the medium of an exciting thriller. He came to the Oscars in a bronze Brunello Cucinelli velvet dinner jacket. If you ever wondered what a perfect modern black-tie outfit looked like; this was it. Well tailored matched with classic trousers and patent monk strap shoes, he has mastered simple black-tie and taken it a step further. (And best of all, glamour mags have since reported that Kaluuya wore Rihanna's FENTY beauty foundation, a fabulous promotion of style and cosmetics in all areas).

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Featured Image: Samuel Zeller / unsplash.com

Are there any other male actors that you feel deserve recognition for their outfits? Or women for that matter? Let us know!

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