CollegeConnect competition gives Bristol sports clubs a shot at £3000

An online trading platform has set up a competition for Bristol sports clubs, Ben McCall-Myers reports.

CollegeConnect, a new business set up by Bristol alumni, is offering sports clubs at the University the opportunity to win a staggering £3000. After success in the USA working with Pennsylvania State University and the University of Virginia, founders Antonio Ribeiro and Jamie Baker have decided to launch CollegeConnect in the UK. The pair graduated in 2014 and 2015 respectively, Antonio with a Politics Degree and Jamie with a Geography degree. Their platform can now be used at the Universities of Durham, Bristol and Oxford.

Share. Connect. Trade.

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The competition, which started on 23rd February, will run for exactly 1 month and measures the activity of different clubs on their online exchange platform. On this platform, students can interact with each other in three different ways, described by co-founder, Antonio, as follows:

  1. Share: students can rent out underused belongings in the long/short term (e.g. bike, speakers, event space, camera etc)
  2. Services: students can sell services to one another to monetise their spare time and ample skills (e.g academic tuition, app development, language classes, DJs, carshare etc)
  3. Trade: students can sell their stuff (e.g. textbooks, tickets, furniture). Students can trade comfortably with each other in the knowledge that only other Bristol students are allowed on the platform, and that we have a £10k safety guarantee

Within the context of the competition, there is a particular emphasis on ‘Share’ and ‘Service’ listings so loading up on these is a key to success. Although this should not discourage ‘Sell’ listings (as some items do not lend themselves to being shared), it is the ‘Share’ and ‘Service’ aspects that make the platform so unique. Thus, the founders are looking for students to engage with these in original and creative ways.

Contact him at in order to get started and make sure your club gets a fair shot at the £3000.

Essentially then, the company is rewarding the most entrepreneurial club. So far, Antonio says that they have managed to mobilise ten sports clubs, although it is never too late to start competing. It is actively encouraged that you contact him at in order to get started and make sure your club gets a fair shot at the £3000.

The leaderboard after the opening fortnight of the competition is as follows:

  1. Bristol Boat Club (rowing)
  2. Men’s Hockey
  3. Men’s Football
  4. Men’s & Mixed Lacrosse
  5. Netball
  6. Women’s Rugby

Our men’s first eight cranking it up ahead of #HORR next weekend #woof #Bristoliscoming #beans #snowstoppingusnow #rowing #aviron #rudern #remo

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As a Bristol graduate himself, in his correspondence with us Antonio noted with remorse the underfunding of sports clubs at the University. Whilst the competition is of course a great opportunity to win one large lump sum, his platform offers clubs an invaluable opportunity to consistently make money off of unused goods or services. This develops important communication and marketing skills which will no doubt come in useful once students have graduated, adding another positive dimension to the already profitable platform.

Their mission, Antonio says, is simple: ‘To give students the opportunity to reduce indebtedness by earning, cultivate entrepreneurship & skills, and reduce waste on campus’.

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E-mail Antonio to get involved with the competition today!

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