Student petition demanding compensation for strikes reaches over 5000 signatures


A petition launched by University of Bristol students demanding 10.6% of their tuition fees back, exceeds 5000 supporters.

The petition calls for students at Bristol to urge the University to resolve its dispute with its staff either by resuming national negotiations with UCU or by other means to avoid affecting its students.

It comes after Sam Gyimah, the Universities minister says students whose courses have been disrupted by the university strike should receive compensation for lost classes.

At the opening of a new higher education regulator, Mr Gyimah stated this is the ‘age of the student’ and they deserve more for their money.

King’s College London have announced they will have a fund to compensate students. A spokesperson for King’s said they would ‘consider cases for further compensation that may be warranted in light of cancelled classes.’

Bristol students that have launched the petition claim ‘the unprecedented magnitude’ of the strikes are unacceptable and are damaging to all students of the university.

The petition asks for £300 compensation for the students whose teaching has been affected.

One online petition states:

For UK students 10.6% of £9,000 is £955, roughly £68 per day at university. For international students 10.6% of £16,000- £23,500 is approximately £1,700- £2,500. This demand equates to the contact time lost between the 22nd February and the 16th March.

‘If the University is unable to reimburse us for the service we are paying for, something needs to be done in order to alleviate the consequences of the strike.

‘In addition, we do not individually rule out further claims of compensation. We acknowledge that the extended nature of the strikes may damage our graduate prospects, and future earnings, substantially.’

They finally added: ‘This is not to suggest that we, as students at the University of Bristol, do not support the strike. Many of us stand in solidarity with our tutors and lecturers. However, this support does not overshadow the serious disruption the strikes will cause to our studies if they do go ahead. This is an education we have paid for, were promised and expect.’

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Nikki Peach

Deputy Editor 2018/19, formerly News Editor 2017/18 / Third-year English student