Epigram's Oscars round-up 2018 - what happened and what we tweeted



All the winners and our reaction tweets from 2018’s The Oscars ceremony. By Online Film and TV Editor Tim Bustin and film writer Eimear Simpson.

And with Oscars over, we see the 2017/18 awards season drawn to another dramatic close. There were surprises, with The Shape of Water snagging Best Picture; deserved wins, with Gary Oldman for Best Actor, in Darkest Hour; and a whole heap of progress for a still outdated category, as the hosts and winners reminded us how important diversity and inclusivity is in an industry based around art.

But far more importantly, what did we tweet? What was that disgusting golden statue of Harvey Weinstein outside the theatre? And why did one lucky Oscar winner also go home that night with a jetski?

What was your favourite moment from The Oscars?

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