Georgie and Jake Bugg @ Colston Hall (24.03.18)



Daisy Hall reviews rising Mansfield troubadour Georgie and Nottingham singer-songwriter Jake Bugg's gig at Colston Hall.

Georgie has been supporting Jake Bugg for over two years now and it’s clear to see why; her haunting vocals are incredible and unlike some of today’s artists she’s even better live than in the recording studio. Her track ‘Hard Times’ launches with a stunning guitar opening before her memorable voice takes over. She’s sweet and cool, sasses an ex-boyfriend who couldn’t handle his drink and just when you think she couldn’t get any better, she does a cover of ‘Be My Baby’ from Dirty Dancing.

Part way through her set Georgie begins what she admits is the only love song she has ever written and it suits her gorgeous, eerie voice perfectly. It is clear that she is an incredibly talented artist who deserves more recognition than she currently has. She closes with her track ‘Beer Money’ which had a slight country vibe, unlike her other songs. She’s a very versatile artist, insane at the guitar and a pleasure to listen to.

Then it was Jake Bugg’s turn. He launched straight into ‘How Soon The Dawn’ from his new album Hearts That Strain. First thought: Jake Bugg sounds a bit like an elf. Second thought: I wonder if his singing voice matches his voice when he speaks. It doesn’t. Whilst his vocals are light and calming, his deep Nottingham accent melts your heart and you instantly fall in love. FACT.

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For a man and a guitar, he completely commanded the stage. He played a mixture of tracks from both his old and new albums including ‘Simple As This’. And it was- there was minimal talking between songs except when he was being pressured into downing his gin and tonics by the audience! He was effortlessly charming and even performed a Neil Young cover as requested by the crowd.

After admitting that he recently wrote a song with Noah Cyrus entitled ‘Waiting’, it is clear that Jake Bugg is going up in the world. He definitely deserves it, especially since he appears to get better as the night progresses. It’s clear
that he is grateful for how he has got here too because the majority of his chat between songs, when not being heckled by the audience, consists of multiple thank yous.

Both Georgie and Jake Bugg are forces to be reckoned with and I would highly recommend catching them on tour if you get the chance.

Featured image: Sonic PR / Georgie

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