BREAKING: Earthquake felt throughout Bristol


An earthquake has hit Bristol, the tremors being felt around the university campus and beyond this afternoon.

At around 14:30, an earthquake lasting around 10 seconds was felt by students around Bristol. The British Geological survey have confirmed that the earthquake had a magnitude ot 4.2.

According to various social media sources, the earthquake affected various areas of the South West and South Wales, with '#earthquake' now trending on twitter.

The earthquake was felt strongly in the ASS library, as students stood up and rushed over to the windows in confusion.

Ella Salusbury, a third year Geography student said: 'at first we didn't know what was going on, and we just felt our chairs vibrating. But then the desks and fixtures starting shaking and it was really loud. Everyone was looking at eachother and panicking - the girl next to me looked like she was about to cry.'

The tremor follows a major 7.2-magnitude earthquake which hit Mexico-City just last night.

Bristol students reported feeling the movement in houses as far out as Hotwells, with reports on twitter from as far north as Birmingham.

Featured image: Instagram / University of Bristol

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