Haiku To a Thing I Love



In honour of Valentine's Day, we asked Bristol students to compose a haiku in honour of something - anything- that they love. These were the results.

Ode to Jungle Vision @ Lakota

Two waters please mate,
My soul craves more BPM,
All junglists, unite.

  • Jonathan Bound, Second Year Biology


My yellow kitchen,
Empty after a party:
Tinnies and silence

  • Millie Haswell, First Year English

Today's a #CocoaButter kind of day. #MOTD

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Blue and white desire

You quench what is dry
My disk of metal comfort
Love you Vaseline.

  • Lucy Hall, Second Year Theatre Studies


You got me so lit
Full artisanal bliss
Coffee, I love you.

  • Hannibal Knowles, Second Year Geography

Kai-Fukazawa-Epigram / Kai Fukazawa

Untitled II

Your feathered ethers
Quilt me in a warm embrace
Ensconced in sweet dreams

Wishing well, I hope,
All the yearnings drowned in you
Rest, and let you sleep

  • Alannah Tail, Third Year Neuroscience

Poison Love

Nike theas, you make
My heels bleed, but you are so
Wonderfully silver

From a matchbox to a match:

I’m STRUCK by your form
You belong inside of me,
Burning perfect match

  • Tatiana Dowley - Second Year Archeology and Anthropology

The dig life

Trowels and steel-toed boots,
Love getting down and dirty,

  • Alina Young, Arts Editor

Harry-CokeEpigram / Harry Coke

Ode to Donervan’s chicken burger

Biting thick, cheap buns
The perfect post-club date
Gone by the morning

  • Morwenna Hall, Second Year Biochemistry

An ode to hungover lunch

Can always smash some
Cathedral City cheddar
On a pasta bed

  • Esther Bancroft, Second Year English

Untitled III

Sunset flash filtered
Over waves moving over
The edge at Land’s End

  • Tom Holmes, First Year Biology

“Got a filter, mate?”

Just want a rollie
Baccie, rizla, check - and yet
Fuck! Lacking filters

  • Anonymous

Untitled IV

Noble other maps
Telling of people and places
Guiding the lost home.

  • Nils Sorengaard, Second Year German and Russian

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