If you’re thinking about saving on the pennies this year by treating your loved one to Valentines at home, take some inspiration from Online Style Editor Hannah Worthington who collates her favourite valentines decor pieces and DIY’s to make the evening look and feel just as romantic.

Valentines Day: A calendar date for quite unecessary expenditure, but often a useful boost of love in a relationship. If you are on a tight budget having had an extravaggent start to the year, or perhaps you have simply decided to put your culinary skills to the test for your other half, make your student housing/accomodation look the part by following some of these simple decor ideas.

Let’s start with these fabulous balloons which I personally ‘love’. The trend for lower-cased letter balloons in small calligraphy inspired fonts seemed to start at the end of last year, with more and more company’s selling variations of options beyond the original silver numbered balloons. Tie this to the mantlepiece in your living room, or maybe hang it up in your room. One, it’ll make for a lovely decor item, but it will also be a definite instagram worthy shot.

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Next up, we have a potential DIY created by interior blogger Emma Courtney. Change up the traditional bouquet of roses this year by filling ice cream cones with petals. Place them in the centre of your table for two, and when you’re peckish for dessert, whip out the ice-cream, remove the petals, and eat up the cones! Multi-purpose?! We love it.
Ingredients/Where to buy:

  1. Icecream cones, easily accessible from Sainsbury's Clifton or the Triangle.
  2. While you're in there, pick up item no.2: Icecream. Think Strawberry shortcake for some Valentines loving, or Chocolate Brownie for dark romance.
  3. Rose Petals. Pick up a bunch of flowers from the flower stand just outside of Wills Memorial, or even order online for convenience.

Image: Urban Outfitters / Peach Duvet set

Perhaps this peachy duvet from Urban Outfitters is a little extravagant, and you definitely won’t be saving here, but at least you’ll have a new duvet, right?! (And hopefully some fun in the boudoir).

Valentines Day Jumbo Confetti

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Want to adorn your table with some valentines love? Pop down to Wilko on the triangle where you can pick up a pack of their true love confetti, or use instagram online shop, PartyLux, and pay for next day delivery to get these hearts in time for tomorrow!

Images: LUSH

Have you got a bath in Bristol that's actually fairly clean and enjoyable to use? Pay a trip to LUSH in Cabot Circus to pick up some of these beautiful treats. Think 'Titsy Totsy' for a captivating blend of woody oris and restorative rose, or 'Whole Lotta Love' for a creamy shea butter.

Image: Wilko, Elegento Cocktail Fountain

Lastly, if it’s a night of girl only fun, - see Nancy Serle’s article here for more on 'galentines day’ - order this amazing cocktail fountain from Wilko in store. With 8 cups, featuring a 650ml refill punch bowl, have an evening of cocktail fun!

Featured Image: Magda Fou / Unsplash.com

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