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Bristol: the jewel of the South West. A city famous for bridges and Banksy, it’s time another big B was added to that list… Georgia Marsh dives into the city’s greasiest eateries and discovers that Bristol is also home to a host of world-class burgers. Forget your corporate giants, your high street GBK’s and Five Guys: in Bristol, the best burgers are born and bred here.

Three Brothers

If you’re housed in any city centre accommodation – particularly UoB’s Riverside digs – there’s no doubt that a climb aboard burger boat Three Brothers will become something of a weekly occurrence. Docked in the glittering harbour, this burger institution is home to not only the patty with the perfect meaty chemistry (a tiny bit greasy, a little bit moist, fully of flavour, and the perfect cook), but also the all-day everyday £5 burger and chips student offer – you don’t have to dent your student loan if you have some serious deep fried cravings to satisfy, and these buns may just be the best in the city.

Meat Liquor

Stokes Croft is famed for its vibrant culture, colourful graffiti and vivacious nightlife (including the best club in Bristol – The Love Inn), yet the area also houses a diverse assortment of outstanding eateries. Meat Liquor stands out for its too-cool-for-school interior but also for a menu which plays host to the most exciting range of burgers you could dream of. There’s something for everyone – what are you in the mood for? They have beef, chicken and truly decent vegetarian and vegan options that don’t leave any room for dissatisfaction. And that’s just the burgers! The sides are also out-of-this-world – can I get a hallelujah up in here for the fried mac ‘n’ cheese squares? However, these burgers may just break the bank so keep your eyes peeled for their 50% off vouchers.

N.B: Since publication, MeatLiquor Stokes Croft has now closed. Sad times.

The Hobgoblin

As we travel up to the tip of Stokes Croft and cross over into Gloucester Road, blink and you may miss Bristol’s most unassuming burger hot spot. The Hobgoblin is something of a local watering hole, but don’t be fooled by the pub’s beer and booze exterior – step inside for the most surprising fried treats. The Hobgoblin serves up delectable patties at a generous size for more than decent prices that’ll leave your mouth watering with every bite. In the mood for sharing? Their dirty fries are truly unmissable – a mountainous pile of cheese, condiments and pulled pork heaped onto perfectly salty chips. A heart attack waiting to happen, but it’s certainly worth it to say you died so happy.

Atomic Burger / Atomic Diner

This multi-venue greasy spoon (the original Atomic Burger sits on Gloucester Road whereas its younger sibling Atomic Diner was recently opened in Broadmead) has become something of a Bristolian favourite. Inspired by all your comic book and cartoon favourites, its menu plays host to unique combinations of flavours alongside familiar favourites to deliver a one-of-a-kind burger experience. The interior itself is paradoxically garish yet pleasant; proudly nerd chic in its display of vintage memorabilia hanging on walls painted a bold, sickly lime green. Great food, but maybe too long spent inside could induce a headache.

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The Burger Joint

Whiteladies Road’s Burger Joint is here to represent the Clifton side. A favourite among students, The Burger Joint has gained something of a cult-like status among fast food fans for its build-a-burger approach to dining. While other establishments offer diners their perfectly tried-and-tested meaty creations, The Burger Joint puts the power in your hands. From beef to bacon, to black pudding, pineapple and, er, kangaroo patties, the possibilities, though some revolting, are endless.


Featured Image: unsplash / Robin Stickel

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