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Epigram Style Editors roundup their Halloweek of makeup tutorials

Following a daily step-by-step tutorial with an accompanying video post of Halloween makeup ideas, Style's Halloweek has come to an end. If you missed out on following any of our looks, take a read of our roundup below which provides a snapshot of the campaign day itself, some of the items you need to create these looks, alongside our videos which can be found directly on Epigram's Facebook and Instagram pages.


Look 1: Glitter Mermaid

To achieve this mermaid look, all you really need is a couple of pastel face paints and a pair of fishnet tights. Style Editor Nancy Serle used ‘Snazaroo’ paint as it’s affordable for the student budget, creates a vivid colour, and can be bought from the craft shop by Cabot- just a 10 minute walk from the University. We accessorised this look on Online Style Editor Hannah Worthington with bold eye makeup, and glitter from New Look.

Image: Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

As the second picture in this collage shows, there are so many colour ways you can opt for to create this scale effect. Try for golds and purples as other colours to try!

Look 2: Scary Clown

Our second look is also really simple to achieve. First year Neuroscience student Joanna Va used a sponge to get full coverage on the face, and differing sized paint brushes to add facial detail (all items used available from Wilko’s on Park Street). Add fake blood to create an even spookier effect (also available from, you guessed it, Wilkos!)

Image: Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

Look 3: Artistic Skull

This one is for those who have an artistic flare. Several coloured face paints were used by Hiranya, a second year Theatre and Performance student, to create this look. As well as a couple of paintbrushes in different sizes, no other materials are required to create this look.
Image: Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

Look 4: Latex Ripped Mouth

This was definitely the most dramatic (and terrifying) look of the week. This ripped mouth on model English student Jessica was created by Epigram's Online Travel Editor Ellie Caulfield by layering tissue with liquid latex and fake blood. Pop down to Wilko where fake blood is on sale for just a pound! For a detailed step-by-step, see our full post!

Image: Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

Look 5: Pop-Art Comic

Look like you have stepped out of a pop-art comic magazine by following Evangelia Makridou's simple yet effective step-by-step guide. Evangelia recommends using your pinky finger to create the dots across the forehead and cheek area, however for smaller polka dots, use a thin paintbrush with Snazaroo paint.


Image: Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

Look 6: Half-Skull

Film studient Ismay Bickerton created this dramatic half skull makeup look in just 15 minutes. Ensure you have two separate containers of water and two individual paintbrushes so you don't mix the black and white together as this look calls for sleek defining lines.

Image: Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

Look 7: Cheshire Cat

Epigram's Online Assistant Mary Richardson models this Alice in Wonderland inspired 'Cheshire Cat' look. Pick up the lashes in Poundland lining these under the bottom lid in order to create a cartoonish, wide eyed look.

Image: Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

For our detailed step-by-step guides, check out the individual posts on our Epigram Style 2017-18 Facebook Page that have been going up everyday during this campaign week.

Here are some of our favourite creations sent in by Style followers:


Keep sending in your Halloweek recreations inspired by our campaign to any one of the social media platforms below!

Featured Image: Epigram / Nancy Serle and Hannah Worthington

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