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Bristol-based messaging app huggg has just launched on the app store – and it’s set to be the next big thing in virtual gifting. Online Wellbeing editor, Leila Mitwally, reviews her experience using the app. 

Last week I was contacted by the friendly people at huggg – an app which allows you to send a little pick-me-up (for example food, drinks or coffee) to anyone in your contact list as easy as a text message.

The basic premise of huggg is lovely: after all, can you imagine anything better than receiving a coffee from a friend on a morning that you’d rather be in bed? Supposedly, the idea was conceived when huggg’s CEO was researching the greeting card market, and quickly came to the conclusion that physical cards are now redundant as we communicate primarily through our smartphones. This, paired with the fact that everyone loves free food, leads us straight on to huggg.

Kindly, the company gave me the chance to test out the app to see just how easy it is – sending me a complimentary huggg, and allowing me to do the same to someone on my contact list. After downloading the app and putting in some basic details to sign up, I was met with a beautiful sight: a cute little message and two cocktails at Turtle Bay!

The huggg arrives in the form of a notification that the recipient has been sent an item of your choice – be it a cocktail, coffee, or burger.

Maybe I’m biased, but you can’t argue with that.

It was just as easy to send a huggg to someone else – I managed to send a coffee to deputy Wellbeing editor Jasmine with just her mobile number! The app is perfect for brightening someone’s day at the click of a button, when they could do with more than just a text. The huggg lasts for a year after it’s been sent, and you just have to redeem it at whichever restaurant or café it’s for.

Though the app might not be suited to using with those physically close to you – who you would probably be better off simply taking for a meal or coffee – it does seem like it’d be helpful in cases where you can’t be there in person, for example in long distance relationships, providing pick-me-ups for friends from back home, or even to remind family you’re thinking of them while you’re at uni.

This Friday (13th October) you can send £1 Friska teas and coffees to your friends all day long! Just download the app, select the drink you’d like to send and pick a contact to surprise. For more information, follow @huggg_uk on Instagram.


Will you send a huggg this Friday? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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