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You may have been aware of Jailbreak, the RAG charity event where students try to get as far away from Bristol as possible without spending a penny on travel. But how did those journeys actually go? One team gives us a timeline of their free journey to Vienna. 

Team name: Steel Family Robinson – Morven Broeksmit, Ben Steel and Alex Robinson

Journey summary: Bus from Bristol Bus station to London Victoria, then a bus to Canterbury, then to Dover, then a car with a French guy onto the ferry and finally a lift with a Romanian to Vienna.

07:00: Bugle was trumpeted outside the SU and we set off

07:10: After a detour to Sainsbury’s we head down to the coach station

07:25: Talk our way onto a bus heading to London

07:45: Smiles on the bus

10:00: Arrived in Victoria Coach Station, couldn’t hitchhike out so we picked buses heading towards Dover and started asking drivers. There was a Megabus heading to Amsterdam however the driver said there was no chance he was going to let us on. Found a bus heading to Canterbury with a kind driver.

11:57: A look at the sign we planned to use at Canterbury, plus talk on the Brexit and magic stars

12:50: At Canterbury bus station, got the 15 to Dover. Lessons learned so far, bus drivers are not always mean when its for charity.

12:50: Celebrations on bus to Dover

13:20: Ben lovin’ bus

13:33: At Dover, got some chips to warm up our thumbs and started putting them to work. Moved between the petrol station, the main road, and the roundabout into the port. We kept meeting other teams who were also stuck in Dover.

13:33: Alex annoying his team mates

14:05: Mo and her hands free sign

14:30: Action shot on the road

16:03: Sad at Dover still

19:27: Going mad at Dover

21:18: Finally got a car to stop, Jean-Marie our savior. A 50 year old French man heading back home to Calais, didn’t speak great English but told us the full moon would give us luck and very helpfully pointed out the nuclear power station when we got to France.

21:46: Boardddinggg

23:46 (French time): Onboard Ben went up to a Romanian fella and convinced him to take us, he had been working in the UK and was heading back to Romania to visit his family until the end of the month. We let him sleep and spent our time snoozing and cruising.

23:36: Pointing out the moon

00:05: Team and Jean Marie saying farewell

00:24: Our new ride and Danielle our crazy new friend

02:24: Driving though the night, France and then Belgium and then a slight detour to Netherlands thanks to our trusty GPS

02:24: Driving, somewhere near Antwerp

05:16: Somewhere in Germany, Danielle giving us bananas

05:27: Sunrise and turbines

08:20: Still somewhere in Germany, at some random petrol station

13:30: Arrived in Vienna!

14:02: Team photo, done with traveling, time to sleep!

Have any Jailbreak experiences of your own? We’d love to hear about them!

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