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Freshers Fair is almost in our reach. Behind the scenes, the Style team have been busy exploring all of the fashion related societies who will be preparing their stalls for the event.

In various tents you will find funky style inspired groups; UoB’s Knitting Society, as well as The Fashion Federation. Epigram’s Style Editor managed to speak with the new leaders, and was able to find out key information that will help you understand the societies a little better, as well as where to find them at the fair.

Pick 1:

Nancy Serle in conversation with Jasmin Perry, on her hopes and plans for the Fashion Federation

What made you join The Fashion Federation?

I joined in first year – growing up I’d always loved doing little craft projects and after making a ball gown for a project in sixth form I was keen to continue the hobby and meet likeminded people.  After scouring the SU website for a sewing related society, I found The Fashion Federation!

What’s your favourite part about the society?

I love the fact that none of us pretend to be an expert at things. We are all in it together, sharing what we know and teaching one another – there is a real community vibe. It is nice to just meet up with other creative types, make stuff together and learn along the way. There is also a definite environmental facet to the society – fast fashion is so damaging, so being able to customise second hand clothes to fit the trends is a very useful skill to have, especially as a student.

As the new head of The Fashion Federation, what do you have planned for this year?

A bunch of exciting weekly sessions – think tie-dye, dream catchers and DIY cushions to make your halls a tad more snazzy, as well as some useful skills sessions to teach you how to read a pattern and make your own clothes. On top of that, I’m really keen to get some fashion-based careers talks happening to demystify the industry a little bit.

What would you say to someone considering joining The Fashion Federation?

Do it – although I might be slightly biased! Whether you’ve never picked up a needle in your life, or you have been making things for years, we would love to see you at our sessions and we cater for all levels. Plus, there is usually cake!

Will you be at the Freshers fair this year?

We will indeed – do check out our stand for a chat, we are really interested to get input and ideas from you guys and help make the society reflect its members. Failing that, join our Facebook group to keep in the loop with what we are up to – our first meet up will be the Tuesday following fresher’s, with our big Tie Dye fresher’s launch party happening later on in the week!

For more information and ways to join, find The Fashion Federation’s Facebook page here: 

Snap from last weeks session “customised creations” – it was so cute! Come along tomorrow same time same place. 💗💗

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Pick 2:

Nancy Serle chats with Chelsea Hamilton, the new president of The Knitting Society.

What made you join the knitting society?

I have been learning to knit since the age of 10, when my mam taught me, and I have expanded my knowledge ever since. I wanted to meet people with a similar passion in order to share my knowledge and gain inspiration and ideas from them too.

Do you need experience to join?

Not at all! There are a mixture of abilities in The Knitting Society, which makes it even more interesting as we can all learn from each other. All materials and instructions will be provided with membership – just £3 – for any beginners wanting to learn more.

What sort of things do you make?

Anything and everything! I am currently making some socks for my sister’s Christmas present; others have made hats, small teddies and jumpers. Anything you can think of, someone will be able to provide the knitting pattern for.

As the new president, what do you have planned for next year?

I am thrilled to be the new president for this year. I hope to pass on my passion for knitting to other keen knitters and I have loads planned this year! I really want people to see the benefits of knitting -including relaxation and anxiety-reduction – as well as helping them to learn and grow as knitters. I also aim to get the society involved in community projects such as knitting small square blankets for the homeless.

Will you be at Freshers fair this year?

Yes! Definitely! You won’t miss us – head to the table full of knitted things to find out more information.

The University of Bristol KnitSoc, a fun creative space for keen knitters!

To find out more about KnitSoc, follow the link which will take you to their Facebook page.

Also remember you will find Epigram’s stall, as well as many Epigram writers, around the fair who will be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions. We hope to find many new budding Style writers!

For any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us:

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