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The blossoming of Spring calls for a makeup bag rejuvenation. It is time to swap those old vampy shades for endless shimmer and peachy undertones.

Spring is all about a fresh face, embracing colour and a natural glow that will shine if the sun ever appears in Bristol. This breakdown will show you the looks of the season and how you can achieve them.


The eyes are often the staple piece of the makeup look, and Spring hasn’t changed this. This season is about experimenting with different colours and consistencies from glitter to gloss. The catwalks were graced with holography, peachy lids and rainbow eyes and there’s no reason why the streets of Bristol shouldn’t be either. It is the high-street stores that are dominating the makeup scene at the moment with both Topshop and Monki providing the products to ensure your eyes pop.

(TIP: To save the loose glitter going everywhere apply a layer of gloss to the lid beforehand and it will stick all day and night.)


The bright lip to the bare lip, Spring covers it all. Perhaps the biggest revelation Spring has brought is that gloss is back, and it’s big. Whether you layer it over a daring red lip or pair it with a minimal eye look for a fresh face it is bound to look good (and get your hair stuck all over it).


Nails are often the forgotten piece of the makeup look but Spring has not left them behind. Simple, clean-cut shapes are in but metallics and bold colours are certainly making their appearance. Have no fear if this isn’t your look, pastels and nudes are also trending this season.


It is the season of the shimmer, glow and popping highlight. Whether you’re satisfied with a light dosage to the cheeks or you want to cover yourself in glitter, Motion-style, Spring is the time to do it. However, don’t feel you have to break the bank achieving this glow, often a cheaper brand does the job.

Spring doesn’t have to be about extending your overdraft to get an entire new bag full of makeup, although I reckon there is an old mascara you should probably throw out. Whether you want to add a pop of colour to your makeup look or experiment with using a new product there is something out there for everyone. And if you feel like lathering yourself in glitter then who cares? It’s Spring!

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